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Figure out how to put music onto your xbox 360 hardrive

Step 1: Cd

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Press the eject button on your xbox/ xbox 360

then put in a CD or a CD you burned.

Press eject again to close it.
KevD10 months ago

Get a CD-RW, use windows media player to burn your songs to the CD, rip to xbox and repeat

mochimonkii3 years ago
Does it take the music permenently off the disc? or is like copy?
its a copy but i understand your confusion but my sister thought i would brake her cd when i said i was going to burn it.
jdc4aub476 years ago
Is there any way to do this through an ipod?
yeah connect your ipod through your usb cable
yes, you plug the usb cable from your ipod to the 360 and press the xbox menu button and got to music press select music then press portable device and choose the song! :)
that doesn't work for me :( even after I did the update, the unprotected AACs dont work.
There is a program called switch file sound converter it's a free trial but you can downgrade via uninstall and you can convert music files try that and make sure you properaly format your burnted disks
i don't havexbox live so i don't have any updates so can't help you there srry
oh, ok, its been really bothering me, especially because I followed microsofts directions EXACTLY
but you can clear system cache to remove all updates to see if it works because i had to do it with mine
I figured it out, I had to convert them to unprotected AAC in itunes
Only problem with that is, it won't let you put the songs onto the xbox hardrive.
The instructable should have been on how to do this with an iPod because most people have an iPod instead of having a million Compact Discs.
tim1274 years ago
or just get a ps3 and use a flash drive and import it into the music folder
2hot2hack4 years ago
well how do you do it with movies??
undeadboy925 years ago
wow this is easy hahahaha well to me anyways
undeadboy925 years ago
Yea, the problem with burnt CD's is that the xbox won't read the files correctly. If you have a normal CD of a band, the xbox will rip the CD just fine.
You need to burn it as an audio CD, not a data CD. 
 actually for burned cds burn them at the slowest speed possible i use x2 and it works fine
Gage9875 years ago
now i just need a cd to hold 10 gigs
ChosenWon5 years ago
This rarely works. Out of 12 songs I had on a burned CD it ripped 2 successfully.
Sadly, i feel the sound quality from a ripped cd that is then ripped into the xbox, is jus so incredibly lossy, that i'd rather listsen to the game's own music... Now has anyone figured out how to attach the xbox hard-drive to a normal pc, and then transfer their entire collection over? that would be awsome Nice instructible tho:)
car lvr (author) 6 years ago
besides i hate manuals its a lot easier and less complicated if u figure it out yourself
craig36 years ago
isnt this just in the xbox 360 instruction manual?
car lvr (author)  craig36 years ago
it sounds a lot more complicated in that