Picture of Put music onto your xbox 360 hardrive
Figure out how to put music onto your xbox 360 hardrive
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Step 1: Cd

Picture of Cd
Press the eject button on your xbox/ xbox 360

then put in a CD or a CD you burned.

Press eject again to close it.

Step 2: Music

Picture of Music
Now you can play your music on your xbox360.

If you want to be able to play your music while playing a game then press the rip CD button on the screen.

Step 3: Select songs

Picture of Select songs
Select all the songs you want onto your hardrive

press rip CD again then you can edit your songs


Yea, the problem with burnt CD's is that the xbox won't read the files correctly. If you have a normal CD of a band, the xbox will rip the CD just fine.
ChosenWon5 years ago
This rarely works. Out of 12 songs I had on a burned CD it ripped 2 successfully.