This for when you go tagging first the cans are way lighter less supicious and no one should question you.ITS QUIK,EASY,& Cheap

Step 1: Getting Supplies

Spray paint
empty axe can
A mechanical pencil
plastic bag
paper towels
nasil polish remover

Step 2: Taking the Pencil Apart

Disassemle the pencil and take the plastic tube that holds the lead

Cut no more than an inch off of the tube

Now you have a small tube

Step 3: Making the Tube

Now that you haave the small tube Get your lighter and melt one end

while it is still hot put the tube over the tube already on the axe can so that it can form its shape

Now take it off so that it can cool down and form

After it is cool cut the edges off of theother endso that it kind of looks like an arrow

Step 4: Filling Your Can

put the tube on top of the permanent ube and put the poiny end inside of the spray can

Get a bag of ice and put on the axe can this helps the process go quick

now keep canshorizontal and squeeze them togther
the paint should be flowing

Step 5: Shaking

shake the can every couple of minutes because you do not want it to over fill because paint will fly everywhere

Step 6: Your Done

now To make it look normal get some nail polish remover and clean the paint off of the sides

Step 7: It Does Work

this is my first instructable and i am 15 plz go easy on me thanks
Dude as soon as I get an empty can and a can of spray paint ill morale one
I love this man, I do a lot of stencil tags and I've gotten used to ditching the stencils right after I tag something but I can't afford to ditch the cans of paint also. I guess a backpack full of axe isn't really inconspicuous but its a lot better than a backpack full of paint when the cops show up.
I love this man, I do a lot of stencil tags and I've gotten used to ditching the stencils right after I tag something but I can't afford to ditch the cans of paint also. I guess a backpack full of axe isn't really inconspicuous but its a lot better than a backpack full of paint when the cops show up.
where did you ind a male can?
great idea dude !
what's the ice for ?
this is a good idea i need to try it out, i'm studying art at the moment so when i'm finished i'll be able to bring all different forms of art to the street, i startedof when i was 12,already won a few awards when i was at school for art but my style is way different to what peoiple accept these days, i love bombinmg i could spend ages doing it but carrying spraypaint around all day is hard work so im deffinetly going to give these ago because im going out this weekend to show off my work thanks <br>
Duh! I can see someone spraying their armpits with black paint! LOL
Seen on the Prince of Bel Air opening = 0:19 sec<br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoWnHMlhPvk
i hate to think what your carpet looked like after this exercise!<br>You know, it might be a good idea to do this outside or in the garage.
I like this, s'pretty simple to follow and it'll save me a few suspicious looks. Thanks for the upload!
nice tag but what dose it say?
on the "what you need list" u wrote nasal polish remover i mean who uses polish on ther nose
it says nail polish
cool idea any way :)
Personally i think there is a difference between regular art and street art. regular art to me are pictures and sculptures you look at in designated places(like your home or galleries) but street art changes the environments in which we live.
Uh, regardless, it is still art. Just because it's in a different environment doesn't change anything in the piece itself or the message to be conveyed. "Regular Art" are just pictures and sculptures you look at home or galleries? Uhhh...are you serious?
hmm wonder if i could do somethink like this but with water
Any1 know what dat is?
not that good for tagging freestyle, but excelent for filling and quick (although a bit messy) for stencils
aesowme dont think i could do that in my house tho. too messy. lol
im trying to make peper spray and put it in a can like this and re pressureise it any ideas
use a pump spray like windex comes in
yeah it was shooting eggs, the used the inside tube of a plastic lead fill pencil
Check out the video by shooting eggs or kipkay (don't remember). He just puts the refill of a pen on the nozelles.
another kind of can that works amazingly is bug spray or sun screen and it is probably the least suspicious
You i love this man.....ive always had trouble concealing the ball bearings in the cans...i hear magnets are good...but this is definitly graffitti made easy.. :)
but changing the caps would be kind of a problem.. not as good with axe....
an easy way to get rid of all your dreg cans!!!<br/>go to here:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://monstercolors.com/index.php">http://monstercolors.com/index.php</a><br/>buy one of these:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://monstercolors.com/cappop04.htm">http://monstercolors.com/cappop04.htm</a><br/><br/>then follow these instructions:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://monstercolors.com/info02.php">http://monstercolors.com/info02.php</a><br/><br/>it really does work...we started to try and mix paints back in the late 80's because we couldnt get pink so easily in the uk. i did do it once sucessfully, but lacked the scientific logic that these instructions on the links show.<br/>i managed to knock about 15 / 16 dreg cans into one full 400ml can (it made an interesting pink!!)<br/><br/>enjoy!!<br/>
ya man
uh...there is an easier way to do this...all you need is a new can of krylon with a male adaptor and any female aerosol can...just hold the krylon can up rite and the female upside down and press down on the male adaptor...its easier and alot less messy
ok... i have been mixing my paint for years, or putting near empties together... put the can u wan paint in, into a freezer for 30 min. cool gas has molecules that are closer together, so less pressure. and then warm on can up in luke warm water, NOT HOT! its pressure will increase. then go to a shop or 0ebay and buy a $0.40 nib that is designed for mixing paint!! connect the nibs. hold the warm can upside down and the one you want to fill normal way up. hey presto! ps: by-the-by its not a crime carrying spray paint. however caught hiding it? IS SUSPECT! pps: im not raining on anyones parade just giving extra advice.
Hey this is really cool... but ive tried it a few times and each time i barely get any paint into the can.. what can i try to fill the can with paint? thanks
I got a question. Once you start to get paint into the axe can, wouldn't it start to push paint into the spray can?
Can u use the twist top type of lynx?
could you put up photos of what the arrow point looks like? i think im making it too short or to thick, not sure.
Baloney! I am not racist! I hate ALL taggers and feel as our esteemed mayor does... That all their thumbs should be cut off.
Id like for you to cut my thumbs off! It will be your last bad idea. You desert trash/
Threats? Okay then... Give me an address... :)
so you hate art?
Better cut the index fingers. Makes tagging a lot more difficult.
Don't worry we also frequently use our thumbs when doing the fill, you only are going to make it ugglier when you cut off fingers
I've never seen taggers do any filling.
There is more then tagging in graffiti.
Sigh. Read the original comment I was replying to. Yes! We were talking about tagging, not graffiti.
Then I apologise for the misunderstanding
i appreciate street art
i appreciate art there is no difference between street art and regular art, just where it is done look at shepard fairey, he may have started on the street but now he's in galleries
I did the same trick with Ralgex heat spray. Less messy, but a good booby-trap to leave lying about! L
i was wondering if you could put asthma medicine in an axe can via the same method as paint? Not that i need to take medicine out of a can of deodorant....and (this is proby a numb question) is it safe??

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