Picture of Put spray paint in to other unsuspicious cans
This for when you go tagging first the cans are way lighter less supicious and no one should question you.ITS QUIK,EASY,& Cheap
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Step 1: Getting supplies

Picture of Getting supplies
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Spray paint
empty axe can
A mechanical pencil
plastic bag
paper towels
nasil polish remover

Step 2: Taking the pencil apart

Picture of Taking the pencil apart
Disassemle the pencil and take the plastic tube that holds the lead

Cut no more than an inch off of the tube

Now you have a small tube

Step 3: Making the tube

Picture of Making the tube
Now that you haave the small tube Get your lighter and melt one end

while it is still hot put the tube over the tube already on the axe can so that it can form its shape

Now take it off so that it can cool down and form

After it is cool cut the edges off of theother endso that it kind of looks like an arrow

Step 4: Filling your can

Picture of Filling your can
put the tube on top of the permanent ube and put the poiny end inside of the spray can

Get a bag of ice and put on the axe can this helps the process go quick

now keep canshorizontal and squeeze them togther
the paint should be flowing

Step 5: Shaking

shake the can every couple of minutes because you do not want it to over fill because paint will fly everywhere

Step 6: Your done

Picture of Your done
now To make it look normal get some nail polish remover and clean the paint off of the sides

Step 7: It does work

Picture of It does work
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this is my first instructable and i am 15 plz go easy on me thanks
omo1232 years ago
where did you ind a male can?
malouz2 years ago
great idea dude !
nice tag but what dose it say?
Thorn-Boy6 years ago
aesowme dont think i could do that in my house tho. too messy. lol
another kind of can that works amazingly is bug spray or sun screen and it is probably the least suspicious
dime_one6 years ago
an easy way to get rid of all your dreg cans!!!
go to here:
buy one of these:

then follow these instructions:

it really does work...we started to try and mix paints back in the late 80's because we couldnt get pink so easily in the uk. i did do it once sucessfully, but lacked the scientific logic that these instructions on the links show.
i managed to knock about 15 / 16 dreg cans into one full 400ml can (it made an interesting pink!!)

1(9)87...7 years ago
uh...there is an easier way to do this...all you need is a new can of krylon with a male adaptor and any female aerosol can...just hold the krylon can up rite and the female upside down and press down on the male adaptor...its easier and alot less messy
alright, i was just in my frnt yard doing this, it works perfectly, but if you use a gel pen tube as opposed to a mechanical pencil, it will work without cuttin the tip at all, i hold the cans vertically, without ice, it works fine for me, alright, thats my two cents, peace
balla4168 years ago
this does NOT work, ive tried over and over but instead of the paint runing to the other can it sprays all over the place, any tips or solutions would help
i am gonna try this!
skip2mylou8 years ago
hey this is a great instructable man, with the right paint, you can make ur own top quality on the run cans. nice job man.
Visitor8 years ago
Around where I live tags are equal to hand written signatures. If you are caught painting one, you are held responsible for all identical tags that are found. The police photographs and archives all tags that are found. Now, did you just post your IP address and tag to the Internets?
Zak8 years ago
It s probably a good idea to hake the can of paint well. Th eice is a good idea; the other can gets warmth from being held, so pressure will be higher there. This trick can also be used to put stuff in tiny spray cans. Perhaps a nice way to carry contact cleaner - though that could be corrosive to the wrong kind of can