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One of the best ways to put weight on a dog is with something called "satin balls". You can find the recipe on many sites on the internet. Some people use it to put weight on their dogs before dog shows, but it's especially good for emaciated dogs and dogs who won't eat. It's high in fat so it puts on weight quickly, but it's also got other ingredients to make it a total diet so it can be fed alone or as a supplement.

My puppy hasn't been eating much and underneath all her fuzz she's skin and bones so I decided to mix up a batch to bring her up to a healthy weight
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Step 1: Gather indgredients

Picture of Gather indgredients
This is the original recipe:
10 pounds hamburger meat (the cheapest kind)
1 lg. box of Total cereal
1 lg. box oatmeal
1 jar of wheat germ
1 1/4 cup veg oil
1 1/4 cup of unsulphured molasses
10 raw eggs AND shells
10 envelopes of unflavored gelatin
pinch of salt

However, if you just want to try them out or have a small dog, I recipe this scaled down version (1/10th or the original).

1 pound cheap hamburger (for high fat %)
1 1/3 cups Total cereal
1 1/2 cups uncooked oatmeal
1 raw egg
6 tablespoons wheat germ
1 package Knox unflavored gelatin
2 tablespoons oil
2 tablespoons unsulphured molasses
Pinch of salt

The only thing I suggest you change is the oil; vegtable oil has no health benefit, so substitute it with an oil that does (like flax seed oil which is high in healthy omega 3s).

Step 2: Mix the ingredients

Picture of Mix the ingredients
Mix everything together in a big bowl. I recommend putting the dry ingredients first, then the oils, then the egg, then the meat. That way you don't have to wash your hands in between ingredients

Step 3: Form patties

Picture of Form patties
You can form them into balls like the name suggests. I prefer patties though because they are easier to stack in the freezer that way.

How much you put in each serving really depends on your individual dog... I made 14 patties out of the smaller portion recipe

Step 4: Freeze

Picture of Freeze
Put the patties into bags and freeze them. Since they are served raw you need to thaw them individually when you are ready to serve them.

Step 5: Serve

Picture of Serve
Your dog will LOVE these, and you should see weight gain relatively shortly.

The only downside is that it's raw. I know that many people serve raw and I support that, but I can't but help but be paranoid about bacteria contamination. Particularly cause she takes extra special treats to her crate. So I wipe down the floor and her crate between feedings, and wash her bowl each day
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pennybates 2 months ago

can any one tell me if you cook this stuff ?

I made this to put weight on a foster dog. It was recommended to me to NOT do the RAW diet, so I made these baseball size, put in Ziploc and flattened and froze. I COOKED them by : from frozen: microwave for 1 minute on high, remove from Ziploc, chop into bite sized pieces, microwave on high 2.5 to 3 minutes, let cool. Worked great!! She loved it (wouldn't eat anything else I tried)
No cooking it is all raw.
DrueM pennybates 2 months ago
freezer only!
Dwojtuniak2 days ago
I made this to put weight on a foster dog. It was recommended to me to NOT do the RAW diet, so I made these baseball size, put in Ziploc and flattened and froze. I COOKED them by : from frozen: microwave for 1 minute on high, remove from Ziploc, chop into bite sized pieces, microwave on high 2.5 to 3 minutes, let cool. Worked great!! She loved it (wouldn't eat anything else I tried)
tylerpclark2 months ago

Is there any way around using the wheat germ? I just rescued a very very underweight pit/lab mix from a shelter and she has a wheat allergy. Thanks!

Then don't use Total. I left the wheat germ out and used rice chex
heartland771 month ago
I have an 8 month old Doberman pinscher, german shepherd mix. We got her about a month ago, not a rescue, and she has just been getting skinnier and skinnier. At first we gave her dry food 2x a day. She wouldn't eat that. And now we have food in her bowl 24/7 and it rarely gets empty! I wanted to try satin balls and I was wondering if 2 balls a day is too much? Also, how long before she starts gaining weight?
Have you had your dog checked for worms?
KimberlyO412 days ago
heartland771 month ago
And once she does gain weight, do I just stop giving them to her?
davison-1424 days ago

I have a 3 month old coon hound I rescued, she only weighs 8 pounds, as a guideline, how many of these should I feed her a day?? you can see hre hip bones and all her ribs. Poor girl.

2x a day. I would give it to my dog once in the morning and one at night
heartland771 month ago
And once she does gain weight, do I just stop giving them to her?
roxy slater2 years ago
do i use egg shell and how ?
DrueM roxy slater2 months ago
egg and egg shell

I made about a 1/3 batch, and I took the eggs and threw them in the Ninja, but you could use a blender or a food processor. Just chuck 'em in there whole and blend with the oils or whatever. That way they get the calcium without an issue with big pieces of shell.

break the egg shell up and add to the mixture

AlyxB4 months ago

I let this defrost first then feed to him right?

DrueM AlyxB2 months ago
rebreps 3 months ago
Is this in place of OR in addition to traditional kibble???
DrueM rebreps 2 months ago
either or
desaad372 months ago

Dog stomachs are much different than ours. Most of them are built to be able to handle the bacteria just fine. Some breeds you have to be more cautious with, but for most of them they will do great on a raw diet. Mine will bury her meat outside and dig it up days later while it's rotting and eat it and I've never had any bacterial problems with her. She's always been given a clean bill of health each time she goes to the vet.

Lovepink20123 months ago
Do they half to be golf sized? I made mines kinda bigger maybe 3 times bigger... I don't want my pit to get sick because of it. How often can I give them to her?
JoshuaM73 months ago

this worked amazing for my 3 month wolf puppy who was only 27 pounds she is now well over 30

My Rhodesian Ridgeback mix has been sick for the past 3 months. He stopped eating in January. Rocky Mountain Fever in January...those meds damaged his liver...he was treated for that and all tests at this point are negative (including ultrasounds and xrays). Only issue now seems to be his weight. He's about 15 lbs underweight. I'm going to try to use these Satin Balls but don't want to overload him. He's finally eating again - 3 small meals a day. How many golf ball sized pieces should he get per day?

animals4life4 months ago
Never mind. I figured it out. Could you tell I don't cook often or at all? Hehe. Fingers crossed that this works!
animals4life4 months ago
Hi my 16 yr old dog is fur and bones and so I found this recipe to put some more meat on her body and I am making it right now but I have a question. Is it one 1/2 cup and one 1/3 cup of the ingredients or it is 1 1/2 cups and 1 1/3 cups of the ingredients???? Please someone respond soon.

feed to him right food and you can get online from


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mila.vladi.14 months ago

Yes, defrost them first. We usually prepare a batch and freeze; then put 2 in a ziplock into the fridge the night before, in the morning they are ready . Our boxer has gained 8 pounds in 2 months, she was all bones when we rescued her, now she is nice and round, ribs are now showing at all and coat is very shiny. That is in addition to homemade meal, no kibbles - no bad breath, no flatulence :)

questions im from the philippines and i have a miniature schnauzer. I lost him for 3 days and with gods help. I got him back. But unfortunately he lost over 3 pounds. He was a healty 8 pound puppy but now he is only 5 pounds i need this recipe to work but i dont know what wheat germ is and mollases? What are these? And if i cant find them here in the ph what can i substitute? Help please ive been feeding my dog expensive food for over 3 weeks now and he is still really thin.
RomaLynn6 months ago

hi I made this for our senior pit bull who all of a sudden started dropping weight ~ too soon to tell of any results yet. How much can I feed him? Like 3 cups 3 x a day or as much as he wants? replace his regular food all together? Can he gain weight too fast? Thank you

Just put them in the freezer! My RAW fed boxer has been dropping weight due to the cold the past month, hoping to put some pounds on her to help with her shivering while she's at our barn. I'll update in a couple weeks with progress!

A thin shivering Boxer out in the cold barn... that is sad =(

garnet.red.76 months ago

I have Shih Tzu and my smallest one has always been on the thin side. She's vetted and is healthy so I'm going to try this out.

I have two dogs that have been losing weight. They are 12 & 10 yrs old. I have been feeding them the same kibble for the past 10 yrs. I changed the kibble to one they both liked when my 10yr. old became part of our household. We moved near a wheat mill operation and since then, my 10yr. old has been chewing her hair off the back by her tail. I believe she may be allergic to the wheat. There where times before the move she seemed to have this issue, but I didn't think it was the food because she would stop itching and was still eating the same food. Now, it is an on going issue and she causes herself to bleed. I spoke with the vet and they placed her on medication that caused her to pee everywhere. She still eats the food, because I can't find anything else she will eat. My 12yr old has had two tumors and I believe this is the cause of his weight loss. I plan to try this minus the wheat for my Roxy. Should I minus the wheat for Beethoven or is the wheat an important nutrition?

Kwanita1 year ago

Do I have this right we are to serve this RAW???

Dogs have a digestive tract highly evolved to eat raw food. If you cook these, some of the fats in the meat will cook out, making then less efficient.
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