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One of the best ways to put weight on a dog is with something called "satin balls". You can find the recipe on many sites on the internet. Some people use it to put weight on their dogs before dog shows, but it's especially good for emaciated dogs and dogs who won't eat. It's high in fat so it puts on weight quickly, but it's also got other ingredients to make it a total diet so it can be fed alone or as a supplement.

My puppy hasn't been eating much and underneath all her fuzz she's skin and bones so I decided to mix up a batch to bring her up to a healthy weight
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Step 1: Gather indgredients

This is the original recipe:
10 pounds hamburger meat (the cheapest kind)
1 lg. box of Total cereal
1 lg. box oatmeal
1 jar of wheat germ
1 1/4 cup veg oil
1 1/4 cup of unsulphured molasses
10 raw eggs AND shells
10 envelopes of unflavored gelatin
pinch of salt

However, if you just want to try them out or have a small dog, I recipe this scaled down version (1/10th or the original).

1 pound cheap hamburger (for high fat %)
1 1/3 cups Total cereal
1 1/2 cups uncooked oatmeal
1 raw egg
6 tablespoons wheat germ
1 package Knox unflavored gelatin
2 tablespoons oil
2 tablespoons unsulphured molasses
Pinch of salt

The only thing I suggest you change is the oil; vegtable oil has no health benefit, so substitute it with an oil that does (like flax seed oil which is high in healthy omega 3s).

Step 2: Mix the ingredients

Picture of Mix the ingredients
Mix everything together in a big bowl. I recommend putting the dry ingredients first, then the oils, then the egg, then the meat. That way you don't have to wash your hands in between ingredients

Step 3: Form patties

Picture of Form patties
You can form them into balls like the name suggests. I prefer patties though because they are easier to stack in the freezer that way.

How much you put in each serving really depends on your individual dog... I made 14 patties out of the smaller portion recipe
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RomaLynn13 hours ago

hi I made this for our senior pit bull who all of a sudden started dropping weight ~ too soon to tell of any results yet. How much can I feed him? Like 3 cups 3 x a day or as much as he wants? replace his regular food all together? Can he gain weight too fast? Thank you

Just put them in the freezer! My RAW fed boxer has been dropping weight due to the cold the past month, hoping to put some pounds on her to help with her shivering while she's at our barn. I'll update in a couple weeks with progress!

A thin shivering Boxer out in the cold barn... that is sad =(

I have Shih Tzu and my smallest one has always been on the thin side. She's vetted and is healthy so I'm going to try this out.

I have two dogs that have been losing weight. They are 12 & 10 yrs old. I have been feeding them the same kibble for the past 10 yrs. I changed the kibble to one they both liked when my 10yr. old became part of our household. We moved near a wheat mill operation and since then, my 10yr. old has been chewing her hair off the back by her tail. I believe she may be allergic to the wheat. There where times before the move she seemed to have this issue, but I didn't think it was the food because she would stop itching and was still eating the same food. Now, it is an on going issue and she causes herself to bleed. I spoke with the vet and they placed her on medication that caused her to pee everywhere. She still eats the food, because I can't find anything else she will eat. My 12yr old has had two tumors and I believe this is the cause of his weight loss. I plan to try this minus the wheat for my Roxy. Should I minus the wheat for Beethoven or is the wheat an important nutrition?

Kwanita11 months ago

Do I have this right we are to serve this RAW???

Dogs have a digestive tract highly evolved to eat raw food. If you cook these, some of the fats in the meat will cook out, making then less efficient.

yes, raw.

I've been researching all the ingredients in here just going down the list, and so far everything is good except im not sure if molasses is okay. The molasses I have is all natural so im not worried about that, but it has a lot of sugar. Is molasses okay or should I take it out?

Leave the molasses in. Sugar simulates hunger, and the molasses has a good deal of calcium and trace minerals.
Is the oatmeal the 1 minute kind?

my vet is dead set against feeding dogs raw meat

Yeah, sounds like your vet is not very versed on nutrition! How many times have you seen a can of food with legs or a giant walking kibble?

get a new vet

Well, your vet may have his reasons, but ask him how many wild animals 'fire up the BBQ' to cook their meals? We feed animals based on our own tastes and tolerances... which is ridiculous, given the 'state of nature' diet they survived and evolved on for millions of years. Dogs are 'meat eating carnivores'... plain & simple. The Vet may be worried about parasites...a valid concern. You'll have to weigh the benefit (higher nutrition value by far) of raw, versus cooked...

d.r.hami2 months ago
For the knox gelatin, is it just one of the four packets inside the box or is it the entire box?

Just one of the packets! :)

Thats for the small batch right o.o

I was referring to the small batch, yes.

lol thank god because I made the big batch and used 10 envelopes...I was freaking out thinking my dog was gonna be sick


do i use egg shell and how ?

break the egg shell up and add to the mixture

dergdoom2 years ago
i have a 4 months old husky and cant get a food to agree with him he has diarrhea all the time any ideas

I tried the chicken and rice on my dog and it made it worse for some reason...mine had upset tummy for 3 weeks off and on until I put him on a sensitive formula then it cleared right up within a day

Also, try a bland diet at first. Cooked rice, brown is best, mixed with cooked ground chicken. Just have to say it because i know someone who didn't...make aure the mixture ks at room temp or even cold. Do not give hot food to your dog
He could have an allergy to corn or wheat. Looks for foods withoit them. Also, the diarrhea may be a problem. Bring a fresh sample to your vet to be tested for parasites, including Giardia.
My dog had the same issue and when I first got him as a rescue and have been gradually trying different foods until I found one that worked for him. The one thing that helped when I was switching him over from one food to another was giving him cooked rice. Not a lot about a half cup to 1 cup when he was 50lbs. If your dog does not want to eat it you can add a little peanut butter or a cooked egg. I would add just enough peanut butter to hold it togeather and put it into one of his bones or kongs. It would help.

We live in a small trailer court and there are small puppies that are undernourished and grossly thin that wander in our yard. We got extra dog care products we are donate to the ASPCA and other charities. We love animals. This recipe is really going to help the thin puppies survive the winter. Hopefully, the owners will take better care of them. We are going to keep providing food for them and report them to the local vet for help or local pet shelter. Thank You

chiann19732 months ago
Are these made to eat frozen, or are they just put in the freezer for storage?

thaw it frozen food will hurt a dogs teeth

DNeaSmith2 months ago

Has anyone ever used this with a dog that has Megaesophagus? We have a Great Dane who is horribly under weight due to having Megaesophagus and I want to try this, but am curious if it will cause more regurge issues. Thanks in advance!

go to mercola . com and see if they have any suggestions for that disease

I have a Dane/St. Bernard mix and he has Dysphagia. Hes very under weight and its hard for him to swallow food so we have to hand feed him right now. Would this be ok for him?

bullymax2 months ago

Our product Gorilla Max contains 20 grams of protein per scoops, is loaded with BCAA's, Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutrients. It's ideal for adding weight on HEALTHY weight on dogs.

emarieneal2 years ago
also is this the only thing you feed them or is it in addition to other foods.
You can feed it either way. if you are only feeding satin balls that is fine for a two week period or so, then you will need to add a more well rounded diet for added nutrition. Usually, people only add it to an existing diet for a short period of time to get the added weight effect. Be careful, this stuff really works and you don't want your pet gaining too much weight. If your interested in feeding a raw diet like this to your dogs by itself, you will want to look up the BARF diet or visit DVM Karen Becker's site for feeding a species appropriate diet.
Hello jemery kuch I'm just wst to make sure about the satin balls you were talking about, is this the recipe to get my dog gains weight? (Chicken and bone Neck, feet, thighs, breast, drums whatever you can get cheapest.  Carrots  Wheat Germ or Wheat Bran  Extra Virgin Olive Oil  I grind every week for my dogs this amount, and all your dog needs is 600 to 800 grams a day of this to maintain 100%  10 Pounds of Chicken and Bone1.5  Pounds of Carrots750  grams of Wheat Germ1/2 cup of Extra virgin  olive oil For puppies just add unflavored jello cooked oatmeal or rice.)
LaurenB23 months ago

My 13 y/o lab mix has been losing weight due to a tumor pressing on his stomach. Because he barely touches dog food anymore I cook this recipe just a tiny bit on the stove before I give it to him so he smells it and thinks he's getting people food. Have been giving this to him the past 3 days and his energy has improved, and he's looking less emaciated. No digestive issues so far.

rod.chastain4 months ago

I made this for 1 of my pekingese. He has been losing weight for a while and having paw chewing issues. My vet thought it might have been mites but the medication made little change to his condition. Were hoping it's just a diet related problem. I was SURPRISED at him eating raw meat, but he ate it like candy :-) The only thing I changed in the recipe was the wheat germ. I'm pretty sure he his slightly sensitive to wheat so I figured the Total cereal would be enough.

Thanks for this article!!!

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