Putting Both Wide-screen & Standard TV formats on Same DVD

Picture of Putting Both Wide-screen & Standard TV formats on Same DVD
I enjoy making video DVDs from vacations, weddings, and other special events for me & my friends. Previously I had to create two different DVDs in order to accommodate both wide-screen and standard TVs. And, it was a hassle figuring out how many of each format I needed to burn. After a wedding about three years ago, I decided that I’d try and make a DVD that could be used on either format TV – a little more work, but it required making fewer DVDs – a money and time saver! I also like to include a copy of all photos and movies I shoot since I rarely include all of them in the slideshows.
The process and choice of applications took a fair amount of time since there was a lot of trial-and-error testing. Many applications didn’t perform as advertised or rendered poor results. The following Windows applications are those that worked the best for my purpose:
  - ProShow Producer (creates HD slideshow movies)
  - MemoriesOnTV4 Pro (creates wide-screen and standard TV formatted DVD movies)
  - DvdReMake Pro (combines up to four DVD movies on one DVD, space permitting)
  - Nero Express (creates disc image of the combined DVD movies created by DvdReMake)
  - UltraISO Premium (to add folder with all photos/movies on ‘combined’ DVD)
Optional and useful applications
  - Audio Video Synchronizer (corrects out-of-sync audio/video of digital movies)
  - MuxMan DVD Pro (creates a dummy DVD from a user customized menu for use in DvdReMake)
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PhotoBugg1 year ago
Any freeware (preferably) or less expensive software to the same things? TAD expensive for the average Joe to aquire!
MacGyver9 (author)  PhotoBugg1 year ago
Agree, several of the apps I used can be expensive - I was able to acquire them from friends who no longer needed them. You can substitute freeware apps for ProShow Producer, MemoriesOnTV4 Pro, Nero Express and UltraISO Premium if they do what you need.

The two most critical apps for this process are DvdReMake Pro (USD $49.95) and MuxMan DVD Pro (USD $35). I tried other apps, but these were the only ones that worked as needed. Good luck.