Step 2: Where Everything Goes

After going through everything these are where the files are on my phone.

"/brew/16452/mp" Pictures
"/brew/16452/mds" Ringtones
"/brew/16452/ms" Sound recordings and midis
"/brew/16452/mdw" Animated Backgrounds

and the files the say where in the memory these files get loaded to is in:

aod.dat for ringtones
image.dat for pictures
mysound.dat for the midis and recordings
my_wallpaper.dat for Wallpapers... go figure

The way files are handled on this phone is stupid you add them to the directory but the phone will never find them, ever. Those files say where the files are and (I believe) where is the memory they are loaded. the format for most of the files are:
file number (1 byte) then a couple blank bytes then the file directory and name then 100+ blank bytes then (for the ringtones 0x01000000 then) a 4 byte code then a couple blank bytes then a 2-3 byte code followed by 2 blank bytes then the next files info
the 0x01000000 is hex 01 00 00 00 or ascii character 1 0 0 0 this is the copyright protection.

I thought for a while the 4 byte code was an offset value which I made complex programs and calculations to add files on.... and they worked!!! I added 7 files no problem... until I deleted some files, then none of my codes worked that made me sad because I was very proud I "broke the code".
the 2-3 byte code tells the phone the size the file is not for reading purposes but for display purposes.

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