Picture of Putting Together the Roboduino
This Instructable is on how to put together the CuriousInventor.com Roboduino which can be found at: http://www.curiousinventor.com/kits/roboduino

The Roboduino is a Freeduino (Arduino software compatible) microcontroller board designed for robotics. All of its connections have neighboring power buses into which servos and sensors can easily be plugged. Additional headers for power and serial communication are also provided. The kits come with the surface mount parts pre-soldered. Skill level: Beginner to intermediate.
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Step 1: Parts List

Picture of Parts List
What you will need:

1.. Soldering iron
2.. Solder
3.. Roboduino Kit: http://www.curiousinventor.com/kits/roboduino
4.. Kit contents and reference list: http://www.curiousinventor.com/images/kits/roboduino/kit_contents.xls
5.. Electrical Tape
6.. Small pair of diagonal cutters
7.. Adult supervision (age appropriate)
8.. PCB holder (optional)
9.. Solder sucker, solder wick/braid

Step 2: The Small Parts

Picture of The Small Parts
To get started, the first thing you will want to do is layout all the Roboduino kit parts and organize them for easy reference.

We started off by soldering all the resistors first. Bend the resistor ends over to fit through the holes on the Roboduino. To hold them in place, put a small piece of tape over the resistor and then bend the legs outward. You can then solder them onto the board and remove the tape.

Once all the resistors are in place, do the same thing for the 4 (3mm) LED's. Remember to put the longer leg of the LED in the positive (+) hole. The shorter leg is the negative.

Find the two 22pF (they have the black dot on top) and solder those to C2 & C3

Next find the 60V .4A Resettable PTC fuse (yellow) and solder it down.

Here comes the fun part, solder down all eight .1uF caps, 5mm lead spacing (they are orange). The first one we did, was bending all over the place. It was a lot easier to trim them down first, then solder.

Whew... we are almost there.

Locate the push button (marker RESET), schottky 5A (goes to marker F1), and 16Mhz crystal (goes to marker (Q1) and solder these to the board.

idayham2 years ago
wow! thanks dude, great instructable!!!
Soldier6575 (author)  godfreyandthandi6 years ago
Glad you liked it.