This is a guide to help folks who've bought a wall sticker somewhere and want to take a moment to do it right. Don't be afraid of the vinyl wall art. It will not bite, it will not leave grossness on your walls, it will not be stuck there forever. You can change your mind, update your look, or leave it for years. You can smack it on the wall in no time.

Removable wall stickers are great for any surface. Perfect for rentals and apartments, home, the office or your fancy pants yacht. Put it on your laptop, put it on a window, put it on your face... do some DIY design. When you feel like changing, just peel it off and smack up another.

Tacky Smack provides these products, sometimes called wall tattoos, wall decals, vinyl surface art, window clings and window stickers, but call them what you will... they are much nicer than posters, cooler than canvas, cheaper and easier than paint. Removable stickers don't have any messy adhesive. Home decor in a new direction.

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This product is: Hanging Gardens - by Jeff Larson

For a video, check this out the Tacky Smack help page...

Step 1: Look Where You're Going!

Clean, dry and smooth should describe your surface. If you've painted within the last 3 weeks make sure your paint is completely set. We know you're real excited to get these suckers on the wall - but put on the brakes if you can stand it.

Also, cut the individual images out and tape them up on the wall so you know exactly where you want them to go. Smacking prematurely is not recommended!

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