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HI friends this is my first instructable .IN THIS PROJECT WE WILL MAKE PUZZZZZZZLE BOX . The video shown below is the final model sorry i can not show step by step pics .
for making i have just made the computer model using sketch up which is really cool program for editing &modeling purposes .The sketch up file is below you can download it . It is simple and also to interesting to make ,you can make it within an hour ..any other question you can ask me . the video will also help you

The materials needed

1. wood plank
2. fevicol
3.sketch up program
4. sunmica

6.small lock with its key cream stick
the tools used
1.wood & sunmica cutter
2. lathing

Step 1: BOX

You should use the same measurement of plywood (or cardboard or aluminum) (recommended plywood or wood boards)  . Drag in &out to view all the sections of box . then fix all the parts as shown below in model files.
first make a box remember all the points marked in the sketch up file

Step 2: GEARS

then add the gear and check that it is working properly .then install the lock . the unique key is made from ice-cream stick  on top there is a wooden piece . the actual key will come out in a wooden case 

Step 3: The Last Step

then lastly we have to make a drawer which has an unique key .<ice cream stick>

any question regarded this project you can ask me . pls send me pic of your own puzzle made box.OF any suggestion pls send &share with us



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