Slide of my first puzzle box, from flat wood to full box

Guide to making one yourselve here:
looks great!!! now i finally know how it turned out XD<br><br>can't wait to give your puzzle box a try it a try!!!<br><br>greets Brandon
Looks a great puzzle - congratulations on the design. But it's a bit difficult to follow the opening sequence and the locking method for the lid. Any chance of providing a dimensioned set of drawings? or PDFs<br>Thanks
Because I made 1 mistake in this design ( because I didn't make any plans, nor on paper nor in google sketchup) I'm not gonna make building plans for this.<br>But if you wanna know more about these type of puzzles go to my instructable:<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/My-first-puzzle-box/
I totally get it!!!

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