All of us  know a mechanical puzzles .Like , for en example , a 3x3 rubik's cube. .But , do we know what kind of mechanism inside it? Some people maybe can know it by looking, but some others not. and how about a mechanism of a pyraminx? a Square-1?, or a Skewb?We also can't always depend on the internet. You can't always find it. Some who are risk taker maybe can break the cube and know it , but how about the other? Here , I wnt to show you some of the puzzle that has an unique mechanisms.

And then I want to ask you , can you help me for any tips / tutorial , how to play these puzzle? picture 2( left to right , and row top(1) -bottom)
1st row :rainbow cube , 4x4 mirror blocks, mastermorphinx
2nd row : The turning face octahedron, crazy 3x3x2, lengthened windmill x pattern
3rd row ; the Super Square-1 , Hexagonal Prism ,and Star skewb

regards, -j-

Step 1: Cube mechanisms - the windmill cube and the Super Square-1

This are the cube that rotated in the ordinary ways ( horizontal/vertically) , but can change shapes.( or not) Ok , what is the point here is the mechanism , ok? so it's doesn't matter !

The windmill cube is named based on it's pattern .It uses a 3x3 rubik mechanism.one of the member create it from a 3x3 rubik's cube. You can check it out. The mechanism is placed just like  the orinary 3x3 ribik cube , but in other direction.

The Fisher cube also using a 3x3 mechanism.Unlike the windmill cube , We can play the fisher cube just like playing a 3x3 rubiks cube.( but you must find the right position)

The super Square-1 is a "Brother" from the Square -1 . The Square 1 consist 3 layers. top and bottom layers ( 8 60' corner and 30' edge).The middle layer is trapezoid -shaped piece.Both of the Square-1 and Super Square-1 has a same mechanism , but the Super Square 1 has additionals "Ridges"..Both only has one screw in the middle of the mechanism...

The last is the 3x3x2 crazy cube. It's using a 3x3 rubik cube mechanism , but with a little modification.I can't post it here because the photo is bad( oops) and it has too many small parts-I'm so sorry..ok?
[EDIT]: Technically it wasn't "a couple of questions" (a couple means 2) it was 5.
A couple is just an expression referring to a small amount... 2,3,4,5,6 etc, depending on certain factors.<br><br>Or maybe I'm just a Grammar Nazi.
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Hello! I am a solver too and I do know a lot about how puzzles work so this wasn't new for me but after reading it I realized this can be very helpful for people new to twisty puzzles. That being said I have a couple of questions for you: 1) What is your Avg.? 2) How many puzzles are there in your collection? 3) Which one is your favorite? 4) Do you have a YouTube account? If so what is it? 5) Are you a member of the Twisty Puzzles forum? if so, what's your username?

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