Puzzle Tube Photo Framer





Introduction: Puzzle Tube Photo Framer

I was messing around with a completed 1000 piece puzzle when it was time to pack it up, I decided to roll it into a tube when the reflection caught my eye.

I looked through the tube and was inspired to make this Instructable, the reflection made an interesting frame for what I was looking at so I decided to take a few photos.

This is fairly easy, one step so please enjoy!

Step 1: The First and Last Step...

This is simple yet effective, build your puzzle, I recommend at least a 500 piece puzzle, orientate it like shown in the first photo and then roll it up left to right.

When rolled up find your piece you want a photo of and point the tube toward it, point camera down tube and then take photo.

Be sure to get the right lighting or the piece in focus will "white out" and it won't turn out as desired.

Please share and help me on my mission to reach 50,000 views!



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    How cool is this? Thanks for sharing!

    It is really cool!

    This site is for sharing and that's what I like doing!

    Interesting idea!

    If you get the lighting right it can make a really nice frame for a photo.