Puzzle invitations - solve it and you're invited!

Picture of Puzzle invitations - solve it and you're invited!

Make something fun with your wedding invitations:

These invitations may look like usual ones, but when your guests open the flaps they are met with puzzle pieces! To know where and when the wedding is they need to put together the puzzle (shouldn't be too hard as it's only 9 pieces). If you want to drive them nuts you could always put the part with the text of the invitation through a shredder :D

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Step 1: You will need:


  • 12x12" (30.5x30.5cm) embossed scrapbook papers (you will get 2 invites per paper) Get a couple extra for mistakes
  • Purple paper A4 (I used 8 pieces for 30 cards)
  • Ribbon (75 cm per card)
  • Silver mirror paper
  • Crown stamp
  • Good quality white paper to stamp on
  • Silver/clear inkpad
  • Silver embossing powder
  • Distress ink or similar
  • Clear envelopes (12x17cm)
  • Copying paper


  • Printer
  • Paper cutter
  • Die cutting machine like cuttlebug (or punches)
  • Dies: frame, circles and puzzle pieces (or punches)
  • Glue and/or double sided tape
  • 3D foam tape
  • Heat gun
  • Scoring tool or something to score with
  • Score board (not necessary, but helps)
  • Rounding punch (optional)

+ a couple of days and a lot of patience:)

Step 2: Cut, score, fold

Picture of Cut, score, fold

TIP: To know which way to cut your paper bend it with the edges meeting. Then rotate it 90 degrees and bend it again. You will feel where the paper bends more easily. Wherever it bends more easily this is where you will want to have your folds so cut the paper along the other way.

When you have your pieces of paper (2 strips per 12x12" paper) it's time to make the folds. Measure so each flap is 5.2cm and the middle panel about 10.5cm (a millimeter or two disappears in the crease). Try a couple of times until you figure it out. I used up a couple of papers to learn from my mistakes.

The folded card should be about 10.5x15cm

What a fun idea!