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Well, here was my Issue.
I have my parade/bonfire couch (Couch on wheels) but no cup holders on it, tried ones from the store, but it broke the first night at the bonfire, so as I was looking around for some thing to use as a cup holder and this is what i came up with.

This would also work on a deck, work bench,  wood post, things like that.

It will hold standard Soda bottles, cans and  glasses.
Im going to make a 4in one so I can use my 24 oz camlebac H2O bottle, or a powerade size bottle.


3 in pvc pipe (4 in if you want it to hold a 32oz bottle)
small cordage, i used 1/8 in cord
saw to cut pvc
sandpaper/file to smooth edges of pvc
drill with bit to match cordage
2 screws to  couch.

What i Did

First cut your PVC pipe to length, I measured just about the height of a can.

Smooth cut edges with sandpaper or file.

Drill hole at top 1/4in down for a screw,  Drill one hole at bottom to match up with top hole. Picture 3.

Drill holes arround bottom to string cardage though, enough  so it will make a floor in the cup holder. Picture 3.

Weave the floor of the cup holder. See picture 5 and 6.

Attach cup holder to couch with screws. Seen in pictue 5.



bobzjr (author)2012-06-19

Great idea! I love PVC... I never thought of using cord with PVC as a functional - complementary material. Thanks for sharing this - i'm already incubating some new ideas,,,

l8nite (author)2012-05-28

I agree with Jessy, the cord is a great idea

jessyratfink (author)2012-05-28

I would have never thought to use rope as the cup bottom!

thejanitor (author)jessyratfink2012-05-28

easy drainage for spills, leaves ect.

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