Pvc Wind Mill





Introduction: Pvc Wind Mill

This is a wind powered turbine that shows you that you can make power by using the wind. This costs around 50 dollars, and is easy to build in a day.

Step 1: Materials You Will Need Are:

◊ (5) 1” PVC 90° Fittings 

◊ (3) 1” PVC T Fittings 

◊ (5 ft) 1” PVC Pipe 

◊ (1) 1” PVC Coupler 

◊ (1) Motor 500 (Pitsco)

◊ (4 ft) 22 Gauge Hook Up Wire 

◊ (2) Clips (Alligator or Banana) 

◊ (1) Simple Multimeter to Record Power Output

◊ (1) Hub, Tinkertoy or a round piece of wood to attach blades) 

• 4” dowels 3/8” dia. (or Tinkertoy rods)— attach blades that you make to this. To build this turbine from scratch you’ll need at a minimum a drill, ruler, PVC cutter or hacksaw, wire strippers, soldering iron, solder, duct tape, glue.

♢ (4) Shrink tubes

Step 2: Assemble Base:

Piece PVC piping together as shown, cutting 2, 6 in pieces. Make 2 of these.

Step 3: Make Support Beam:

Cut 2 PVC pieces of 4 in. Assemble using the T piece.

Step 4: Add Pole to Support Turbine:

Cut a 18 in PVC piece and place in 90°bend.

Step 5: Place 45° Angle Piece:

Place 45°angle piece at the top of the support beam.

Step 6: Make Blades:

Make blades from wood. After you make and sand blades, tape eye hooks to the end of the blades. ×4

Step 7: Make Wooden Hub:

Drill 4 holes in wooden wheel to screw eye hooks into.

Step 8: Putting Blades to Hub:

Add the blades to the hub. All of them. All four.

Step 9: Adjusting Motor:

If your motor doesen't fit the piping snugly, add tape around motor to fit securely.

Step 10: Wires:

Solder wires to motor.

Step 11: Solder Alligator Clips:

First put shrink tubes on wires then solder alligator clips to wires. Next shrink the tubes with a blow dryer.

Step 12: Finishing Touches:

Connect your multimeter to the alligator clips and place wind mill on top of an air conditioning unit.

Step 13: Additional Options:

If you are interested in harnessing this power, you may add an inverter at this point.



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    This is great. You should try hooking it up to LED christmas lights and see how many it will light up.

    That turned out looking great! I'd love to see what you power off of it!

    I plan to charge a battery by putting an inverter on it.