Introduction: Pwm Driver With 555

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making a powerfull 12v pwm controler for leds or dc motor

Step 1: Print Pcb

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open .pcb file with pcb express

and print it

i use toner transfer method

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

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take a look at the circuit diagram

be careful with the polarity every time

better add a fuse at the (+)

this circuit is with N-Channel mosfet and output control the (-)

Step 3: Drill the Holes and Solder the Parts

Picture of Drill the Holes and Solder the Parts

the parts

  • 1x 555 timer
  • 1x N-channel mosfet (i find it from a broken loptop's motherboard,take a look at mosfet's, you find, datasheet)
  • 2x diodes 1N4148
  • 1x diode 1N4007 (this is not on the pcb i forgot can add it on the motor be careful with the polarity )
  • 1x capasitor 100nf
  • 1x capasitor 1000uF16v
  • 1x resistor 1 k
  • 1x resistor 40 Ohm
  • 1x 50k potentiometer

Step 4: Add the Wires

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add all wires, clean the pcb

and test it

Step 5: Paint the Pcb

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if you dont have solder mask to protect your circuit paint it with a high temp spray

Step 6: Finish With the Wires

Picture of Finish With the Wires

when you finish with the wires add some hot glue at the cables

Step 7: Find or Print a Box for the Circuit

Picture of Find or Print a Box for the Circuit

if you have a 3d printer download the .stl files and print it

Step 8: Finish the Project

Picture of Finish the Project

put all ''thinks'' in the box carefully!!

glue the box cover with instant glue..

Step 9: End

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now you can drive leds or motors



buffatron94 (author)2017-09-13

It doesn't need a resistor on Mosfet's Source Pin for pull down effect?

andreash79 (author)buffatron942017-09-13

I think

1. at 555 the output is 0 or 1,when is 1 is like the gain connected to source

2. if it was an H-Bridge circuit, this resistor it will nessesery!

and you are right.A resistor must be between Source and Gain

gm280 (author)2017-08-29

Very nice layout and design. You can get a can of clear lacquer to spray the circuit board to protest the copper and the components. I do that on my circuits to also keep moisture at bay. And using MOSFETs you can parallel them for more current capability for larger motor control as well. The typical 555 timer sink or sources 200 ma. And using MOSFETs is the best component(s) for that application. But then you need some serious heat sink. Thumbs Up!

andreash79 (author)gm2802017-08-29


yes the clear lacquer it would better

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