Pwnge K'nex Bow




Introduction: Pwnge K'nex Bow

simple easy knex bow i made during my free time this is my 1st instructable go to step 2 first because my comp was being gay

Step 1: The 2nd Step

all you need to do is put a white piece on the green, then add 2 blue sliders, then put another green piece on

Step 2: 1st Step

here are the pieces you need P.S.i 4got to put a whit piece in the pic so u need one white piece. if its not highlighted then you dont need more than one

Step 3: Third Part

look at the pics

Step 4: Last Step

attatch the yellows onto the green and your done i do suggest taping the band tho

Step 5: Selfexplanitory Arrows

ok so use the grey small green orange connector and the red peice to make the arrow. if u cant do this then go kill urself



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    Honestly, if you added a few of these together and attached them to a frame with a trigger, you could have a pretty nice gun. Here, not so much.

    Thanks for the bow! It's simple and won't hurt if I hit some one with it (which I will)! It was easy to make and it didn't take that many pieces. THANKS!

    Nice bow

    Nice, looks kind of like mine (im not saying at all you copied me).Seems like it would be pretty powerful.

    not bad for your first gun but next time you might want to make somthing a little more involed.

    hmm, a little small for my tastes, but otherwise not bad