Pwr Laptop Cooler





Introduction: Pwr Laptop Cooler

I as of early 2006 I could not find a powerful enough laptop cooler that was good for my use. So I made one myself. It's been working great for me so I thought I would share with others.


Here is what you need.

Medium Fedex box.
Two VHS tapes.
PC Fans. ( I use two 120mm Antec 3 step speed control Quite fans)
PC ATX power supply.
Small zip ties.
Large zip ties..

Step 1: Cut the Box

You can make it esay on yourself and use a medium Fedex box like I did.
Cut the box like the picture.
Start with the bottom part that is going to rap around the box.

Step 2: Making the Box 1

Let's make the back side of the box.
Fold the box.
Note: look at where the video tape is going to be.

Step 3: Fold the Box to Shape

Just cut the top surface of the box so that it bends.
Bend the box in to this shape.

Step 4: Attach the Video Type.

I attached the video type/laptop stand by using zip ties.
Punch a hole through the box and use zip ties to attach it.

Step 5: Fan Hole

Make a hole for the fan to blow the air in.

Step 6: Attach Fan

Use small zip ties to attach the fans to the box.
Make to two small cuts then pass the zip ties through then lock it with the fan.

Step 7: Attach to ATX Power

Attach to ATX power supply.




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    Dude th fans should suck the air out and no need for a bulky ATX power supply just convert it to USB

    2 replies

    it would draw too much current and fry the port.
    usb ports can only supply 500mA, motors draw heaps.

    USB peripherals do not "Draw" current. - "A common misconception by beginners seems to
    be that a power supply will force its rated current through the load -
    this is incorrect, only as much current as the load will accept will
    flow" In other words a USB Serial Controller does not draw out Voltage at an amplitude on demand, it constantly flows 5volts of power which peripherals can accept, the heavier the load the less there is for everything else, but it wont burn out it will just stop working until things are removed. Sending a return voltage or a short circuit can fry a USB serial controller.

    lol if you use a small 30CM tower fan y0u could get better cooling, and a higher airflow

    It's called Op Amp

    If those are 12 Volt fans then why are you using a power supply you could have made it usb powered or used a 12 power converter and plug it right into the wall check out mine to see what im talking about...

    click Here

    1 reply

    uhh, usb is 5v, and a converter would draw too much current from the usb, frying it.

    luv it! :)

    that is what i call gheeeeetto! but i like it. nice job.

    This seems pretty bulky. Couldn't you use similar sized fans but make it a little smaller. For example, you could put the fans at an angle, taking some depth away for the device. It does looks like it's easy to make, and effective.

    Sweet, I like the looks and the usefullness, I am trying to build a laptop rack with cooling and this idea has helped.

    I have a query, are the fans blowing air under, or sucking air out. If they are blowing under - as my laptop would need - what kind of output do you get. I ask this because it seems like the airflow might get disrupted by the hape of it. Other than this, and possibly some more info on rigging the fans to the psu, a great idea.

    couldn't u have just spliced the fans into a usb cord so that u don't have to lugg that power supply along

    1 reply

    no, usb wouldn't put out enough power to drive them both. Lower powered fans would work, or an inverter, or a ipod usb connecter spliced in - i think -

    Good idea. Another thing you could have done was extend the box and cut holes in the top. That way the laptop could have rested on the box while still cooling it off.

    with out them the box will be crushed by the heavy laptop. It's what the laptop is resting on.

    ok, I made time and added instructions. :P