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This is a scratch built costume I made for a friend of mine for Halloween. The head is made from styrofoam and some random parts collected from hardware store to dress it out a bit. The gratings on either side are hand woven from basket reeds. The torso is a dance leotard that I airbrushed and stained to look like Pyramid Heads worn and scared skin. The apron was made from a skin-looking material I found in my local Jo-anne Fabrics that was stitched to look like it was pieced together haphazardly. The height was achieved by make simple stilts out of re-enforced home depot buckets with sandles attached to the tops. His great knife was made out of wood that was then painted to looks bloody and rusted and then had skateboard "tail devils" attached so that is created sparks as he dragged it along the ground. In the end the whole costume cost about $45 to create. The head was the cheapest part since if you find a local architectural styorfoam cutting company they usually have a LOT of left over scrap pieces that they will usually just give you for free or at least for super cheap!

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This build is amazing and I am starting to make my own and was wondering if you have measurements for the helmet and what thickness you used for the foam and if you had measurements for the pants?

Amazing build man, do you happen to have measurements for the dimensions of the helmet and the thickness of the foam?

I would definitely pay for one of these for Halloween this year...not sure if you're still around, but if you are, please email me at

If you still answer i would love to get either the instructions or pay for something like this to me made more me.

If you still answer I would love to see instructions or even pay for something like this!

I know this was a while back, but I'd pay to have one of these made! If you're willing to sell one let me know. Also if not can you send the instructions my way?

Would you be willing to make me one of these and sell it to me? please let me know either way. email me at:

Is there anyway possible to send me the instructions for this? I would greatly appreciate it!

Could you please send me any detailed instructions? I would very much like to make this.