Picture of Pyramid Head costume
Under construction
working on the appron
first coat of paint close up
This is a scratch built costume I made for a friend of mine for Halloween. The head is made from styrofoam and some random parts collected from hardware store to dress it out a bit. The gratings on either side are hand woven from basket reeds. The torso is a dance leotard that I airbrushed and stained to look like Pyramid Heads worn and scared skin. The apron was made from a skin-looking material I found in my local Jo-anne Fabrics that was stitched to look like it was pieced together haphazardly. The height was achieved by make simple stilts out of re-enforced home depot buckets with sandles attached to the tops. His great knife was made out of wood that was then painted to looks bloody and rusted and then had skateboard "tail devils" attached so that is created sparks as he dragged it along the ground. In the end the whole costume cost about $45 to create. The head was the cheapest part since if you find a local architectural styorfoam cutting company they usually have a LOT of left over scrap pieces that they will usually just give you for free or at least for super cheap!
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This looks fantastic! If youre already sending instructions to folks, Id love some!
jotnotes2 days ago
Would you mind emailing me the instructions? Also, how many hours of work went into this?
asdfer24 days ago

outstanding! could you tell us how do you make the styrofoam looks like realistic rusty metal i have the templates of the yelm, cause i have the 3d model download it and unfold it to place measures, thats the easiest part.



what are the measurements in your picture in?

metrical system EX.> 0.69 = 69 cm i can make it more especific with ofset pf the pyramid details but i really want to know how to make it looks like rusty metal D:

This is the model that i get the templates of.

ashlynr4 days ago

send me measurements please. looks so cool, im so jelly

I've been looking all over the internet, and this is by far the best Pyramid Head costume I've seen! Could I bother you for the instructions? This is definitely something I'd like to make this year!

This is awesome! I would love to have a copy of these instructions if you could.

I see a lot of people asking and i dont know if you still do it but could you send instructions please? This looks amazing

Please email instructions and supplies i need this is outrageously awesome!!

ErickL10 days ago

amazing! please buddy could you send me the instructions? It looks so perfect!

has the builder sent the plans to anyone?

crknighton13 days ago
Hey you did a great job with this! Is there anyway I could get the plans
goniloc16 days ago

Instructions as soon as possible please!

Please, please send me the instructions! :

Hey there, This costume looks awesome, would you mind me asking for the plans? Thanks and my email is

EliN717 days ago

Um.. could I also have instructions at :D I'd love it. Please? Thanks in advance! ( I hope ) I'll put up images if I make it.

BTW- Nice job on the article, man. Seems to be garnering a lot of attention.

Major-TEX17 days ago

This is a fantastic costume! You did an amazing job! If you're still sending out instructions I would very much like a copy! Please and thank you :D

typethetime18 days ago

I'm trying for a Silent Hill themed Halloween this year, and your Pyramid Head costume is just breathtaking! If you're still sending out instructions, I'd really appreciate a copy. Thanks in advance.

0n1i0n319 days ago

I really want to try making this and seems like youre still sending out the instructions based on people's comments. I would like a copy. my email:

As long as you're giving instructions, could you send em to me as well? If you're still doing it, that is.

meganmay9120 days ago

I would love the instructions:

Could i get the instructions as well?

meganmay9121 days ago

I would love the instructions:

kelseyp21 days ago

please send me an email with the instructions.

I would like to have a copy of the instructions, please. Email:

SpikeE128 days ago

I as well would like to get a copy of the instructions is possible!

mjp19831 month ago

I will be selfish and ask for the instructions - this is extremely impressive. Email is if you still give out the detailed version.

You still give the instructions ? i would be interested to make one please:P

mgarcia791 month ago
I'm still interested on how to make the head
kcarter334 months ago

Heyy, I know this was posted a few years ago but I was wondering if you were still able to do the instructions on how you made the costume? Or if your interested in making one? I'm more than happy to pay for it or make it myself :) My email is I'd love to hear from you :)

Arimis4 months ago

Hey, i am like a BIG fan of Pyramid Head, and i am trying my best to find how to make it. It is probably too late for you to help People but, i'd love to get instructions on how if you feel like it! :/

Arimis Arimis4 months ago

My email is

bhamm26 months ago
Hey, I know you probably get this a lot, but if your into it would you want to make another costume? I'll pay for it. If you would like just send me an email and let me know.
syllie137 months ago
this is great my husband would love this can u e-mail me the how to and how u did the great knife
GhettoBacon9 months ago
email me instructions if you don't mind.
can u email me how exactly u made the great knife and the apron. because I'm cosplaying him this february and I'm not particularly sure on how to do it. please and thank you.
GhettoBacon10 months ago
would you be interested in making it for someone else? I would very much like to get one. or at least email me the instructions and dimensions of the costume? and needed materials?
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