Picture of Pyramid Head costume
Under construction
working on the appron
first coat of paint close up
This is a scratch built costume I made for a friend of mine for Halloween. The head is made from styrofoam and some random parts collected from hardware store to dress it out a bit. The gratings on either side are hand woven from basket reeds. The torso is a dance leotard that I airbrushed and stained to look like Pyramid Heads worn and scared skin. The apron was made from a skin-looking material I found in my local Jo-anne Fabrics that was stitched to look like it was pieced together haphazardly. The height was achieved by make simple stilts out of re-enforced home depot buckets with sandles attached to the tops. His great knife was made out of wood that was then painted to looks bloody and rusted and then had skateboard "tail devils" attached so that is created sparks as he dragged it along the ground. In the end the whole costume cost about $45 to create. The head was the cheapest part since if you find a local architectural styorfoam cutting company they usually have a LOT of left over scrap pieces that they will usually just give you for free or at least for super cheap!
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mjp19834 days ago

I will be selfish and ask for the instructions - this is extremely impressive. Email is if you still give out the detailed version.

You still give the instructions ? i would be interested to make one please:P

mgarcia7913 days ago
I'm still interested on how to make the head
kcarter333 months ago

Heyy, I know this was posted a few years ago but I was wondering if you were still able to do the instructions on how you made the costume? Or if your interested in making one? I'm more than happy to pay for it or make it myself :) My email is I'd love to hear from you :)

Arimis3 months ago

Hey, i am like a BIG fan of Pyramid Head, and i am trying my best to find how to make it. It is probably too late for you to help People but, i'd love to get instructions on how if you feel like it! :/

Arimis Arimis3 months ago

My email is

bhamm25 months ago
Hey, I know you probably get this a lot, but if your into it would you want to make another costume? I'll pay for it. If you would like just send me an email and let me know.
syllie136 months ago
this is great my husband would love this can u e-mail me the how to and how u did the great knife
GhettoBacon8 months ago
email me instructions if you don't mind.
can u email me how exactly u made the great knife and the apron. because I'm cosplaying him this february and I'm not particularly sure on how to do it. please and thank you.
GhettoBacon9 months ago
would you be interested in making it for someone else? I would very much like to get one. or at least email me the instructions and dimensions of the costume? and needed materials?
nlalivey1 year ago
Can you please email me if you are able to make another one for me that I will more than willingly pay for (we can discuss the price. My email is It looks awesome and this'd be one hell of a Halloween costume! Thanks.
I would like to e-mail you to ask about a price if you could make me one. Just as long as the budget is under $100 due to construction, labor, and shipping/handling. But it would be efficient if you could just maybe send me an e-mail of the dimensions & measurements you used on the helmet so I could make my own. I have everything for this costume, but not the helmet & great knife. I plan to go to Lowe's sometime next week to get the materials needed. My e-mail is I would like to hear from you soon before Halloween. Thanks for your convenience. -Grif
may i have instructions please? or (for a fee) may you make me one?
AMAZING!!!! D: But how do you make it? Will you have instructions?
This costume is AMAZING!!! Pure brilliance :) I was just talking to my husband about Halloween costumes for this year, and I want to be Pyramid Head. Not sure why, but the idea of a female pyramid head appeals to me very much. Maybe because no has done it yet (at least that I know of), and all the female costumes I see are of the nurses (overdone and boring!). But a female Pyramid Head would be unique! If you wouldn't mind, could you send me a few pointers on how I can I make this costume myself? How can I make it sexy, but maintain the pure power and horror the character exhibits?
If you are still an Instructables member, please could you reply to this message as I have a few questions to ask you, also if you have changed your e-mail address since creating your Instructables account please could you message me your current one? All the best and many thanks,
Sam Jarrett
Badia2 years ago
A small suggestion, I made a pyramid head costume myself, only the head was made out of metal but I think this might help the costume, if you put black nylon screen mesh, the kind you use in windows (they sell it by the yard in any hardware store) behind the gratings you can black out the inside so as to not let the head show from the outside, but you can see clearly from the inside.

MightyB5 years ago
Damn Dude, I've never seen that much ingenuity go into a Costume... If only my friends had an idea of who Pyramid Head was, I could've done this for my halloween party. Great Job Anyway though.
XD I am also unaware to who pyramid head is, could you tell me?
 A monster from silent hill
I know, but I wanna know what he is, and why he has a pyramid on his head.

Actually, in the game, Pyramid Head is a part of James' psyche, representing his sexual frustration. The character itself is looked at as a villain that goes around killing everything. He kills people and the creatures that emerge from the darkness, even though he's one of the them as well. He never speaks and usually carries his Great Knife, yes, it's a knife. Occasionally, he will switch up for some other weapon or choose to not carry one at all. His helmet doesn't really have a purpose. It covers his face and appears to be "grafted" to his head. There's a single hole drilled in it and a tentacle or tongue-like appendage can emerge from this hole and impale a creature he has grappled.

In the movie, his helmet has 6 sides instead of the 7 that it is depicted to have in the game. This is because Roberto Campanella, the actor that plays him, couldn't wear one that was made from the original design. It was also supposed to appear difficult and uncomfortable for Pyramid Head to wear, but unlike in the game, he doesn't display any trouble while wearing it. He mainly appears in the movie because he was a huge hit with the fans who played the video games. I hope this information has been helpful and I give credit to the sources I got it from: the Silent Hill wiki at
Pyramid Head is an icon in every Silent Hill game, as well as the movie.

He usually is dubbed a "boss" monster.
The pyramid on his head is thought to be some sort of torture device.
Thanks for the information, sounds like a pretty messed up boss monster.
with silent hill they usually are
hey man can you sell me your costume? just the head!!!!
Wow. Thats a good question... I'm a bit attached to it. I don't know that I would be willing to sell mine. But depending on what you were looking to pay for it I would be happy to build you one the same way I built mine. My only concern is shipping it. it is quite large so the shipping would be a bit pricey and it is a bit on the fragile side. I'd be afraid of it reaching you and being broken. But if you are seriously interested go ahead and e-mail me and we can see what we can work out. My e-mail is
Still interested in making the costume to sell? I'd love a price including shipping to Calgary,Alberta. I really want to make this for my teenage son (I do decorative concrete work so playing around with paints/applications would be fun) however, I own a seasonal (concrete) business and right now we're in the final push until November to finish up our contracts. :( That means no free time for me! :/
sniper shot3 years ago
srsly dude,u have to upload an instructable,cuz im plannin to do that for halloween this year
Gawane883 years ago
great! I havent seen silent hill yet. I might i was wundring is silent hill scary?
I'm gonig to be that for hallowen my frends are goning to be so scared!
Jon3163 years ago
Man that is awesome, can you show how you made the top or the helmet please yours is the best looking one i've seen and i seen lots of it please show the steps.
jayepmills3 years ago
I am giving this a try this year. My question, where did you get the dead body you are carrying around come from??
Valeil3 years ago
Hahaha, sick(:
rich50073 years ago
outstanding, i want to do it but clearly i wont be able to haha
Nickjackal4 years ago
Hello, I'm VERY fond of your costume. I'm working on a costume with a similar helmet (though it probably won't be as detailed as yours. For the mesh/grating, I'm going to be using mesh screen.) but the apron/smock from Silent Hill 2. I have a few questions in case you could help me. First is about the helmet: what would you suggest for head support? The very first costume I ever made was a version of Pyramid Head from 2, and I used no internal support for the helmet. It got very frustrating turning my head, but not having the helmet turn with me, or having to readjust the helmet every 30 seconds. I also don't have a way to get that much Styrofoam since I live in a non-industrious part of the state, so I'm going to be making the helmet out of foam core/posterboard. Would you reccomend gluing it together, or is there a sturdier method you think? Second question is, where did you get your leotard? Any help would be VERY appreciated.
This is by far, the most impressive Pyramid Head costume I've ever laid eyes on...I am extremely envious of you for constructing such a masterpeice, and also of your friend. I wish my friends were as awesome as you. Sadly, they are lame. I would love it very much if you were to write me the steps on how you created this. You did an amazing job! -Thanks, Tasha.
in the picture where you are walking around and it shows your back, what  is that thing on the spine of ur back? very well done by the way!!!
Ward_Nox5 years ago
pyramid heads offical name is Boogyman lame awesome costume though
Anything after SH3 isn't by the original writers/designers/sound engineers anyway. This is why SH4 and everything proceeding lacked greatly in craftsmanship and story telling in comparison.
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