Step 1:

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You will need:
-one slice of square paper

Step 2:

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Fold the paper in half the triangle way then unfold.

Fold in half the other triangle way and unfold.

Fold the paper in half the normal way then unfold.

Collapse the paper to look like the last picture. 

Step 4:

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Fold the top right corner so the point lines up with the crease.

Fold the top left corner down to meet the corner of the last fold. 

Tuck the left side into the right side pocket. 

Step 5:

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Flip the model over and repeat Step 4 on this side. 

Step 6:

Fold the bottom triangle back and forth a few times, this makes it easier to open the box and gives it a nice crisp crease.

Open up the box and fill with desired fillings. 
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cybergod2 years ago
5/5. Great little origami for those of us who normally don't get these right. I think the pine needles do wonders. Will have to go out and get some tomorrow . . . .
nice one and thanks
nice and thanks
Oicu81shoe2 years ago
I actually really like the pine needles they actually look like a grass plant! 4.5