Introduction: Pyramid Pharaoh Robot

Picture of Pyramid Pharaoh Robot

In the pdfs below you will find instructions to make your very own pyramid Pharaoh Robot.

Step 1: Robot Printout PDF

Print out your robot!

Step 2: Cut Out the Robot!

Picture of Cut Out the Robot!

Cut out the robot along the bold lines, where you see scissors.

After step 2, your paper with the pyramid robot should look like the picture above.

Step 3: Fold the Paper!

Picture of Fold the Paper!

Fold along the 3 dashed lines.

After folding your pyramid robot should look like the second picture above.

Step 4: Glue!

Picture of Glue!

Put glue on the grey area.

Step 5: Press!

Picture of Press!

Bring the dots and the grey area to the dots and the grey area on the back of the face of the robot to each other. Press the glued paper against the other side of the paper. Hold until sticks.

Step 6: Arms!

Picture of Arms!

Cut along the 4 crossed lines at the front of the robot, on the side of the robot's face. This will make the arms.

Fold the arms forward.

Step 7: Done!

Picture of Done!

Yay, done!


seamster (author)2014-09-03

Cute robot!

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