Two of things I enjoy are wood working and gardening, and an opportunity to combine both just came up. I've always been on the lookout for herb or strawberry planters (you know, the big terracota pots with holes on the sides) so we could plant our own herbs, but never found something I actually liked.

Then my anniversary (and the need for a good gift) came around, I started thinking of making my own out of wood, and found a few interesting ideas on the net. Their designs were not available, and from what I could tell, the planters themselves weren't even available for sale any more.

So I set out to build my own, based partly on some of those designs. If you want to make a planter that is good for either flowers or herbs (since no toxic chemicals were used in building this, there should be no health issues related to their absorption into the plants that you later on eat), this might be for you.

The total cost (excluding any plants you may end up using) was around $60, and it only took a few hours (spread out over a few days) to build.

I hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: Materials

The structure is made out of red Cedar, since it is naturally rot and bug resistant. It's a bit more expensive that using treated lumber (the green stuff), but if you go with that option I would suggest using this structure only for flowers and not herbs. Some of the chemicals used to treat the wood may end up being absorbed by the herbs and could be harmful to your health.

Other than the wood, I used some wood glue, 100% silicone and screws. That's about it.

Here's what you'll need:
10 boards of 1"x6"x5' red Cedar (approximately $4 each)
.75" screws 
4 rotating support wheels (if you'll be putting the planter on a deck)
wood glue
100% outdoors silicone
a miter saw
a circular saw
a coping saw
heavy duty garbage bag (for the liner)
some free time ...

Using the circular saw, you'll then need to saw four of the boards down the long center, such that you end up with eight 1"x3"x5' boards.
yah it rely is grate idea
yo know you put in the notes above that you're using 1 inch by 3 inch by 5 inch boards. <br>if you use the ' instead of the&quot; you'll be noting 5 FOOT boards instead of five inch ones. just saying in case you meant feet. LOL
Good catch. Thx. Just corrected it.
wow that is the awsomeist design for a planter i have seen. <br> <br>awsome job. :&gt; <br>
Thx for the compliment!
I really like the design it's perfect for herbs, red cedar looks nice in the garden too, well done!
Yup, herbs are what I had in mind when I made this. We planted about six different types, plus another dozen or so annual flowers, and I'd say we still have room for another six plants or so. Very roomy. Glad you enjoyed!
That's a nice planter.<br><br> Well done.
Thank you :)

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