Step 2: Cutting the pieces

Picture of Cutting the pieces
I used this general template, which should fit a standard Zippo. You can trace it or , as I did, print it on the back of your vinyl sheets. You need to cut two large strips of white, two zigzags of red to make teeth and the smaller strips of black for the edges and eyes/ gills. You can use scissors but a scalpel or craft knife is best.

The black template is a rough guide you may want to make it thicker if you are having trouble cutting it out.

The dotted line shows where the lighter opens.
where are the eye and gill cutouts?
madmanmoe64 (author)  akirakun99936 years ago
They are so small that I found it impossible to follow a guide. The gills and eyes are best done with scissors , just judge it by eye
Cut outs are too big by a fair margin. I used it on a genuine Zippo and it printed out too big by miles. So scale down a wee bit b4 cutting out. Although I could be missing something maybe?
madmanmoe64 (author)  Sicklycrypsis6 years ago
I printed these straight off of publisher, it's entirely possible that somewhere along the line they have changed from their original scale.
Download the original file and rescale it in Irfanview to like 70% and it looks like the right size. Still a great instructable, can't wait to finish it! :D