It is pretty standard in the skateboard industry to have scrap veneer offcuts, and many times they are just thrown away. These offcuts are the waste material from a laminated deck blank being cut to it's final shape... but they don't necessarily need to be wasted! There are lots of cool projects that can be done with laminated skateboard veneers - check out this awesome project at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, that makes use skateboard offcuts called Party Wall.

While I wouldn't consider the jewellery I have made to be on the same level as the incredible Party Wall, being lucky enough to work around some talented independent board builders has given me the opportunity to get creative with the same kind of materials. I find that the laminated (and sometimes wickedly bent) skateboard veneers make a great canvas for my woodburning hobby. Also known as pyrography.

In this DIY Instructable, I will show you how I salvage the offcuts from our board building workshop, and turn them into a product I call #CHAMPCHAINS.


Laminated Skateboard Offcut (or scrap piece of wood)
Graphite Paper
Pen or Pencil
Protective Clear Coating (Krylon Triple Thick)
Super Glue


Pencil Compass
Scroll Saw
Strip or Edge Sander
Sheet Sander

Step 1: Preparing the Pendent

The first step in making my custom burned and beaded necklaces is to prepare the wooden pendent that hangs from the beads. As stated, I will be using the offcut veneers from a laminated skateboard deck for the pendent itself, but you can use any offcut of wood you may have around.

This #CHAMPCHAIN was commissioned by a customer that wanted his 'Handmade' logo burned into a round pendent, and beaded with matching colours. Because the outside shape of his logo was a perfect circle, I used a pencil compass to draw the outline before cutting it out. 
These look really nice! Very clean lines, too - I feel like that's pretty rare with lots of pyrography I've seen. :D
Thanks! I take great pride in my work and have gotten better over the years... a laser etch machine is even cleaner though ;) haha

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