I decided to make this to punish kids who were shooting spitballs in class. This is perfect for hitting people without using saliva. It hurts a little but is revenge for shooting spitballs!
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paper clip gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RandomHero6 years ago
lol im retarted, i looked at the materials and figured id do ti without the intructable, did it all except how you shoot it lol, and btw it could be a match shooter also
if you use it as a match shooter and put the match scratcher thing that lights the match, then you could shoot fire!
Screamo4 years ago
HAHA that works awesome, good job
agfawkes4 years ago
My rubber band kept breaking.I lost my rammer so I blew on it and from that day on (which hassn't ven been an hour)I had a blower disgised as your origanal idea.P.S.I'm only 8 and I am a genius.
carpfluff4 years ago
i made it in like 5 minutes. it was easy but effective.
knuckel5 years ago
he is right. exept match shooters work better with a cardboard base. ( i will try ur instructable and lett u know how it goes)