If you are like me your parents hate guns and wont let you get an airsoft gun. This is a cheap easy way to snipe out your brother and not get in trouble with the parental units.

Step 1: Things you'll need

You'll need...
-6 or 7 bendable straws
-Q-tips (either paper or plastic)
Plastic ones can be cut on bias , also u can get wooden ones that doctors have and sharpen burn tip first as this makes tip a little more harder for easy penetration.
just a quick note, the longer you make the barrel, the more powerful it is, i just shot my dad with 8 straws taped together
Should i make an 'ible on how to make my darts? They use Q-tips and toothpicks.
i have airsoft guns but sadly i can't shoot them in the house cause my little brother. :-(
Thats soooo cool i wanna do it but ermmz how do i fire it??? lols blow ? or sumthing?
Just blow really hard
that's what she said
no that's what HE said lol
I know, I was just telling panda because they obviously didn't read the 'ible.
O.o ur like screen thingy ur charcter by ur name looks like a kirby in futurastic armor!
No, It's masterchief kirby
errrr... right...
I c okz
You should call it a blow gun lol. I have an extra metal barrel from a broken airsoft gun I'll probably just use that.
dude!that really sucks u cant have a gun! i gots a mosin nagant m44,22lr and im workin on gettin a sks
i feel srry u cant even have an airsoft gun im 13 and my mom kindof likes guns i have a .22 LR and a 20 gauge shotgun but also im getting a crossbow. i aint tryin 2 brag or nuthin i just think that sucks. p.s. i dont have a little or old brother BUT i dooo have a little sister to shoot at.
omg lol yes thats my life my parrents wont let me get an airsoft and i have a little brother lol
My brother is older, so he takes getting shot alot better. But if you think your bro is a good target... then have fun! and don't get catched. thats right is sayed catched! :)

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