Picture of Q-tip star
DSCF6967 (Large).JPG
A challenge for fiddly fingers.
Please watch the video and see how it works! Needed are only 5 Q-tips for each star. And no tools but your fingers. So start trying!
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Step 1: Bending

Picture of Bending
Prepare all q tips by bending the to left and right , in a zig-zag way

Step 2: The easy part

Picture of The easy part
Take first Q-tip and lay it down on work surface. Lay second Q-tip over the top. Think of an "A" to determine direction.
weave through the third Q-tip and push it to the top as much as possible

Step 3: Bit tricky

Picture of Bit tricky
Weave in the fourth Q tip. This construction should be stable.

Step 4: The really tricky part

Picture of The really tricky part
Weave in the last q-tip. Hold everything down and in place while doing this. Note that the tips on the bottom left side must be reversed to lock the fifth Q-tip in place.
chuckstake7 months ago
nice and simple love it
aceammar1 year ago
neo716651 year ago
We used to make "throwing stars" out of popsicle sticks like this when I was a kid. They would hit something then blow apart.
Very clever, and a fun way to use up Q-tips! thanks for posting.
This is great! I bet kids could learn some great dexterity skills doing this project and make some fun ornaments! Does it matter if you use paper or plastic q-tips?
I didn't even realize there are paper ones. Don't know how that works. Mine are plastic.
By paper, I mean like sucker sticks, and thanks for the clarification! I thought the plastic kind would be necessary but couldn't be sure. :)
you really need the thicker parts at the end. Drinking straws and such won't lock. They keep slipping away. Very annoying.