Introduction: QCW-05

 My first attempt at a real looking gun! I think it turned out okay, but it was challenging starting with a bullpup. I started with my Mousetrap Powered gun V2  because it already somewhat had the looks of some of the guns. I started by stripping the V2 to the frame and built the clip mech. I aimed high with a clip mechanism that was true bullpup style by making what I call the U-turn mech which combines the vertical magazine with a horizontal magazine. How it works is you pull the pump back which pulls back the ramrod and another ramrod in the back of the gun. The ramrod that shoots gets stopped by a block trigger that has been converted to a true trigger. The second ramrod is pushed forward again using the pump which pushes a blue rod out of the vertical magazine into the horizontal magazine. This is where I ran out of time so in order to get the blue rod into the gun you have to tilt the gun forward so the blue rod slides into the firing area in the front of the gun. I plan to perfect it later by building a gun around system instead of having to fit it to this size. Alright now I'll say some stats.
Pros:                                Cons:
Looks pretty good                     Range:Ummm rather not go there, but it can be improved
Lightweight                                The horizontal mag doesen't fit the gun very well
Easy to hold                              Blue rod doesen't always end up perfectly positoned in the firing area, again this can be improved
Somewhat simple to use           Can't rest shoulder on stock because the second ramrod extends back an extra about 4 inches when-                                                   pumped!
All in all... It's a good start and I will produce a better finished product as I have time to make it. But this project was a great distraction from my Vulcan machine gun project which has taken a month to build and still going!!!



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    it's like a 6,8, but it's like nothing to special Imo, but it's a working bullpup, but it looks rather fragile so that's why not a 7, but a meh-ish gun

    I'd agree with you... as too why I have it on my profile page, I have no idea. I will say this was my first bullpup gun, and it was before I had built my first removable magazines gun so I was bound to fail. I did create an interesting mech that chambered each round into the front of the gun so maybe I'll revisit this mech with a modern twist!

    it's too nice!!!

    I should tell nice photography :D

    You're far to kind! This gun is a relic of my past... but I'm glad you like it.

    That does sound a bit old english like now that I think about it. XD

    Sorry no video, I forgot my Youtube account! Anyway here is the gun kevin

    LOL, Kevin! (It is soooooo weird being called that!) Alright, well, I would like you to take my criticism very lightly, and it is not meant offensively, but constructively.

    First off, look at the pics below:

    As you can see, the real QCW-05 is rather thin, with the back sights on the back of the carry handle, and the front sight on that bar that is vertical on the front of the carry handle. Your handle is not long enough tall enough, or wide enough for the real thing. I know you said that you will keep working on it, so keep the carry handle in mind.

    Lets talk about the body. Yours is rather thick, almost three layers high. If you look at mine, it is only two layers high, and thus, a little more accurate looking. Keep the stock in mind as well.

    Your handle is at the wrong angle, and your handle guard is...well...weird. Keep working at it, and use mine as a reference.

    I don't know how many pieces you have, but I would suggest you make it using more green rods, and more yellow connecters.

    Now, I have just a couple questions about the gun...
    1) What range does it get?
    2) Does it have a removable mag?
    3) Does it have sights?
    4) Does it jam up?
    and 5) How long did it take you to build it?

    Now remember, I don't wish to be mean, this message is coming from one K'NEXer to anther, and I DON'T want to discourage you. This gun was a great start, and keep up the good work!

    -The Red Book of Westmarch

    QCW-05.jpgV2 1.JPG

    One more thing I forgot to answer, I have enough knex, it's just I don't take things apart to often. The whaleshark rifle v2 is using up the majority of my green rods and white connectors so I am always alittle short on pieces. Anyway I appreciate the input and my latest knex gun will be up soon!