QCW-05 (Update)





Introduction: QCW-05 (Update)

(This instructable has been updated)

The (new) first five pics is my new QCW-05!

This is my Chinese QCW-05, the first one on this sight! Tell me what you think?

Now its time for more Pros and Cons:

Looks fairly close
Handle is comfy
Sights are AMAZING!
Suppressor is good looking
Built it in like 30 minutes

Does not shoot

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    Its a Chinese gun? I take offense to that. Please explain why Asian/chinese guns are inferior. Are you just racist or you dont like them cos its made in China?

    Sorry bro, I did not mean it that way, and so I think you reserved an explanation. Well, many very cool guns come from Germany, Austria, Italy, and other countries in Europe. I just was making the comment that I don't see very many guns from China...I meant to offense by it, and I will change that. O.K.?

    Thanks man. Sorry for misunderstanding.

    Whoops, up above I stated "...so I think you reserved an explanation..." What I meant was "I think you deserve an explanation." And likewise I said "...I meant to offense by it..." But what I really meant was "I meant no offense..." Sorry bro, and thanks.

    Great! You really like bullpups right?

    Well I like them, but I still can't find an 'ible that shows you how to make internals for a bullpup. I guess I need more experience with them... :-)

    I can tell you, check out dutchwarlords tar-21. The most important thing is that the trigger still blocks behind the magazine.