Picture of QR Code Love Note Needlepoint
framed qr love  note 002.jpg
True Geek Love Valentine's Gift!!

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
1 - Cross stitch material
2 - Crochet thread
3 - Large eye needle
4 - Embroidery hoop
5 - Square frame

All the stitch counts and size of material depends on the size of frame being used.  I found a 10"x10" frame with 7.5"x7.5" opening.

The crochet thread is heavier than embroidery thread so it was faster to fill in the spaces and complete the project.

Step 2: QR Code

Picture of QR Code
qr code generator search sm.jpg
generate qr code.jpg
1 - install a scan app onto your smartphone that can scan QR codes and also try to sneak the app onto your Valentine's phone.
2 - Google search to find one of many free QR code generators
3 - generate your QR code love note and download it

The downloaded QR code has a white background and I planned on using Excel to help me visually keep track of my stitches.  I suppose you could directly transfer/draw the QR code onto the fabric but I didn't want pencil markings to show.

Below I will show how to use either Photoshop or Powerpoint to quickly edit your QR code before placing it into Excel.  Also, I suppose there may be software out there to quickly create needlepoint patterns but this is an easy work around for those who don't have it.  And I never did needlepoint before this project.  So I winged it!

Step 3: Photoshop edit QR code background

Picture of Photoshop edit QR code background
qr code photoshop 002.jpg
qr code photoshop 003.jpg
qr code photoshop 004.jpg
1 - open your QR code in Photoshop
2 - select it and copy into the clipboard
3 - open a new Photoshop canvas with the settings:
        Preset:  Clipboard
        Background Contents:   Transparent
4 - paste in the QR code
5 - use the magic wand to select and delete all the white areas
6 - save your now transparent background QR code as a png format
donnygross2 years ago
wow, it is beautiful. And I think you can make it much more amazing if you can make your QR Code with a logo of heart and some beautuful sentences, like
Beautiful work. :D It looks so nice in the frame!
smith library (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago