This is my first Instructable, so I'm looking forward to feedback...

I always wanted to find a quick and easy pen holder for my pocket notebooks and diaries (the ones with a pocket inside the back cover - like Moleskine, Leuchtturm 1917, or any of the Chinese imitations).

Most of the pen holders I found on the web are bulky or involve serious drilling or glueing, and often leave the books with bits hanging off or sticking out so they're not stackable any more once you're done with them.

My pen holder can be done cheaply in under 10 minutes, is completely removable, and still serves the purpose. If it gets torn or tacky it's very easy to insert a new one...


Materials you will need:

- cardboard strips, approximately 12cm (5") x 3cm (1")  - I use offcuts from card stock
- sticky tape
- X-acto or Stanley knife

The scissors and ruler in the picture are optional.
<p>This is great. I just made one. Perfect. Good images and instruction steps.</p><p>Thanks.</p><p>Tom</p>
Nice! A great thing to add to any notebook or journal.
Thanks very much for your encouraging comment!

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