This instructible will show you how to make a fresh veggie holder for your fish aquarium.  A lot of veggies I have tried still tend to float around, which makes it hard for the fish that eat veggies to catch. 

Step 1: Tools

One simple tool needed, needle nose type pliers.

Step 2: Materials

1 Suction cup
1 paper clip

I recycled these suction cups from out of my junk box.  Cant remember where I got them but Im sure hobby lobby or other craft stores may have them, Wal-mart might as well.

Step 3: Straighten Paper Clip

Straighten the paper clip and make a small loop in the end of it.

Step 4: Wrap

Wrap the looped end of the paper clip around the suction cup a couple of times and snug up around the cup.

Step 5: Bend

Make a u bend in the clip and cut short  so that the end of the wire doesn't poke any fish trying to nibble of the veggies.

Step 6: Thread Veggies

Thread the veggie you want to feed onto the paper clip.  I usually blanch the veggie for about 30 sec in the microwave before feeding, it softens the veggie.

Step 7: Attach

Attach the suction cup to the side of the aquarium at what ever level your fish usually swim at.
I'm going to make this happen. Feeding Red Cherry Shrimp!
<p>That is pretty cool. I bet my fish will like it.</p>
is that a redtail tinfoil barb tail i see?
good idea, but do not forget that the metal must be avoided in an aquarium, especially in salt water<br>I will do it, but with a curtain clip those who are like spiral, and plastic<br>Greetings
Thats a good idea, but have you thought about a magnetic version that would allow you to change food without actually having to plunge your hand into the water? Something similar to <a href="http://reviews.petco.com/3554/9683/reviews.htm">THIS</a>, but only smaller and with your hook on the cleaning side. It could be used for cleaning/feeding at the same time.<br>
The link didnt work, but yes I thought about magnetic but I had the suction cups waiting to be reused for something.

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