4 IoT PC boards for Esp12-e

"3-Way" features a 250 watt SPDT relay connected to GPIO 12 OUT.

GPIO 4 and 5 are pulled-up inputs intended for soft/hardware switches.

"2x2" is intended to replace a RainBird.

GPIO 4 and 5 out drive 24V@1 amp 2N2222 for relays, coils, solenoids, valves...

GPIO 12 and 13 are GPIO inputs for general purpose needs.

"Allie" features a 277vac/16amp relay connected to GPIO 12 for BIG power switching!

Also features (4) GPIO inputs connectorized to RJ45 for easy connectivity.

"BlindBird" is designed to WiFi control curtains/blinds/windows/electric doors & gates

Features TIP120 power transistor to drive motors up to 24v/3 amps,

and Forward/Reverse relay, plus 2 inputs intended for limit switches

Step 1: Get Your PC Boards!

To download tha CAD file, click HERE.

You can view the CAD file using ExpressPCB CAD software.

You can order etched, drilled silkscreened and printed PC boards

directly from ExpressPCB.

Step 2: Order Your Electronics Parts!

You can see a parts list by clicking HERE.

-The Esp12-e can be currently found on eBay for abot $2 each.


Step 3: Clean Your Parts, Place, Cut and Solder!


Step 4: Program It!

I'm using ArduinoIDE ver.1.8.1.

I'll post the code for each of the modules.

Having trouble just pasting the code here using <code> formatting.

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