Emergency Medical Services are the services which aim at providing out- of- hospital medical care. These service providers also do the work of transporting the patients to the nearest definitive care in case the person is suffering from an injury which unable him to transport himself.

When it comes to the medical supplies or equipment of EMS then QuadMed is the best option available as it has all the types of equipments needed by EMS at an affordable price.

What will you do when you come across a sudden accident? Here comes the role of the EMS. These services are actually a kind of emergency services which aims at providing out- of- hospital acute medical care as well as transport to definitive care, to the patients who are suffering from illnesses and injuries which prevent them from transporting themselves.

The main target of the EMS is to provide treatment to the patients who need urgent medical care, with the goal of treating the present conditions satisfactorily. But to provide the medical care, the service providers must possess all the pieces of equipment for the redressal of the illness of the patient. From where to get the essential things needed to provide the services? The said site is the answer to this question. It offers the quality emergency medical supplies along with the necessary equipment at an affordable price. Just visit the quadmed.com and you are good to go. Here you will find everything that an Emergency Medical Service provider will need.

The transportation of the patient from the point of accident is a very crucial thing. The service provider must contain the necessary accessories so that no damage is caused to the patient while transportation. The equipment which is needed for this purpose is basically for immobilizing and handling of the patient. QuadMed is the site which provides almost everything you will need to transport the injured person to the definitive care.

Understanding BLS

BLS (Basic Life Support) is a kind of pre- hospital medical care which is provided by the efficient and trained responders of the Emergency Medical Services. The Basic Life Support aims at the ABC’s of pre- hospital treatment which includes various techniques that can save the life. Inclusions of BLS:


The protection of patient airway is really very essential. Normally, the treatment of patient airway includes the usage of oral as well as nasal airway. If you want a superior product for airway then QuadMed is the best option present currently. The site has all the airway equipment and accessories at a very reasonable price.


Emergency oxygen assists in the flow of air through artificial & natural respiration.


It includes the emergency measure of CPR and the flow of blood by heart beating.

The BLS generally does not include the usage of any kind of drugs or invasive skills. It includes the armoring of the cervical spine as well as preventing other damages through splinting or immobilizing while transporting. The usage of CPR and AED is also there. All the things which a First Responder need are present at QuadMed.

Understanding ALS

ALS (Advanced Life Support) is a step ahead BLS. Advanced procedures may be performed by the paramedic on a patient using his/ her skilled knowledge.

The ALS provider is actually a paramedic who has a high- level of pre- hospital medical training and also has the key skills which are not usually performed by technicians. The basic goal of the paramedic is to identify any life- threatening condition and then treat it carefully. The skills and procedures performed by the paramedic involve:

· Cardiac monitoring.

· Transcutaneous pacing.

· Cardiac Defibrillation.

· Surgical Cricothyrotomy.

· Intravenous cannulation (I.V).

· Needle Cricothyrotomy etc.

The medical supplies and equipment in relation to cardiac, diagnostic, IV as well as first aid is present at Quad Med. You just have to quote a request and your order will be processed in no later than 24 hours. The services are really fast as it provides same day delivery for most of the products. If you have any query in relation to any product then knowledgeable product specialists are there for you by providing superior customer service.

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