Picture of Quadcopter Spy Plane
Are you looking for a way to spy on your friends and see what they are up to? Well with this quadcopter and go pro mounted to the bottom, your friends will feel the sixth sense that someone's always watching them!
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Step 1: The Go Pro Mounting

Picture of The Go Pro Mounting
You can by your quadcopter almost anywhere online they can range from $89 to $100 First get your quadcopter and go pro mount and mount it on your copter

Step 2: Add The Go Pro To The Quadcopter

Picture of Add The Go Pro To The Quadcopter

Step 3: The Finished Spy Copter

Picture of The Finished Spy Copter
pberto3 months ago

what a joke...

ElectraBlu1 year ago
What is the copter used in this instructable?
Atom 61 year ago
scci1 year ago
...dang it I was hopping for a tutorial on how to build a spy plane