Quadcopter Under $5





Introduction: Quadcopter Under $5

I've always wanted a quadcopter but the ones on the market are just too expensive

so i came up with this version of a quadcopter, it's fully operational but has a wired remote

Step 1: Propellors

for the propellors i cut out plastic strips from a milk bottle and shaped it by heating it over a candle and bending it

Step 2: Body

For making a lightweight and durable body

i used cottontail stalks.

I pierced a hole into one stalk and inserted the other one through it.

Step 3: Motors

I salvaged motors from an old and broken toy and pushed the propellors onto the motors, i then glued the propellors to the motor and the motors to the body.

Step 4: Battery

i used a lithium ion battery from a broken phone and created a compartment for it using styrofoam.

Step 5: Wiring and Remote

i attached all the negative terminals from the motors to the negative terminals on the battery.

i then attached the positive terminals to a long wire and made makeshift switches for each of the motors, i glued these switches to a piece of cardboard.



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    What about the remote?

    Sorry, but this Instructable doesn't really work. The drone would just fly away and you would never see it again. :(

    it's fully operational but has a wired remote


    Step 5: Wiring and remote

    Though it has no stabilization nor even proportional control, so it will be incredibly difficult if not impossible to fly successfully at all.