Quadcopter Repair - Motor Replace





Introduction: Quadcopter Repair - Motor Replace

After my last crash land I tried to fly again with my quadcopter but two of the motors didn’t spin anymore.

I had two options: to buy a new one or to repair it.

Step 1: Open the Quadcopter

I removed all the tiny screws and put them in a safe place.

I reversed the good motors channel with the "dead" channels. I wanted to know if the motors are dead or something happened with the Syma X5C 's receiver board.

After I powered up the quad I got the confirmation that the two counter-clockwise motors are dead. Also, one of the motor base was melted because of the heat of the motor.

Step 2: Removing Damaged Parts

I unsoldered the motor wires from the receiver board and I removed the dead motors from the motor base.

Step 3: Ordering Spare Parts

I ordered two counter-clockwise motors (black and white wires), one set of motor gears and one motor base.

After almost 4 weeks I got them and I was ready for the final step.

Step 4: Installing the New Parts in to the Quadcopter

I soldered back the wires of the new motors to the receiver board according to the attached schematics.

On the video bellow you can watch the entire repair process.

After I checked everything again, I powered ON the quad to see if all the motors spin freely and correctly. Good news, my quadcopter was ready for the next fly :)



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    Hi friend please help me my quadcopter one wings is not working when the wing work then another side wing is not working when all 4 wings will working 2 side wing are very powerful please tell me the solution?

    from where did you bought motors?


    I have the same problem. Are you kind to tell me where did you bought the motors from? THX in advance

    from BG