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Introduction: Quadrivium - KNEX Ball Machine

About: I like to build things with K'NEX (mostly ball machines), play video games (Mario), and watch YouTube. I'm on YouTube more than I am here. So feel free to leave a comment or question here or there. (I have t...
This is my 10th ball machine "Quadrivium". This is my most complex and best ball machine to date. This ball machine features a chain lift with 2 types of claws in a pattern, 8 paths, 4 new elements, and it only took me less than two weeks to build. My younger brother helped me with a few things on here, balls barely fall off, and works great.


Step 1: The Bottom & Network

This is where the balls come to be lifted by the chain lift and up to the top.

Step 2: The Switching Yards

This is how the balls connect to the four support towers.

Step 3: Path 1

This path features MinnesotaRandomCrap'slowering beam from Phobia and a path my brother helped me with.

Step 4: Path 2

This path features sandroknexmaster's spiral stairs and my new kind of tipping path.

Step 5: Path 3

This path greatly features me and my brothers' simple alternators that we constructed on our own.

Step 6: Path 4

This path features my new mini chain lift bridge with rails.

Step 7: Large Ball Alternator (paths 5 & 6)

Paths 5 and 6 are powered by my new large ball alternator.

Step 8: Paths 7 & 8

These paths combine to act like a mini racetrack where two balls are released at the same time by a two-ball dropper I made for the balls to fall down the chute first.



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    Nice ball machine. I like path 1 with that ball arm thing. BTW it seems like a lot of people use deadmau5 music.

    3 replies

    And actually, the ball arm thing in path 1 wasn't made by me, it was made by MinnesotaRandomCrap

    Aww yeaah. Someone finally used my own new element! :3

    Anyways, great ball machine, you have definitely improved.

    As to all your comments on Exodus, it had to be destroyed, because we got our basement finished. But there is a new one coming with no previews or release date, but it is 50% done or so.

    Yes, and thanks. I think it is believed that 95martb (martijnb95) is getting everybody into deadmau5 these days. :l

    Cool ball machine!
    You just earned a sub! ;)

    1 reply

    Cool ball machine! The new elements are great!
    And thanks for the credit :D

    1 reply