Step 3: Bacon & Eggs in Skillet:

  1. Pour extra virgin olive oil (or your choice of oil, butter or margarine) into skillet heat on low.  Place eggs and cut up pieces of bacon in bowl and mix.  You can add a little water if you like.  Then pour into heated skillet on low.
  2. Let mixture set for a minute or so.  To turn mixture over easily you can divide down the center with spatula.
  3. Turn each side separately.
  4. You can divide into fours or double each side over -- depending on how much you like.
Yum! I love biscuit sandwiches. :D
I like homemade biscuts but not the mess and opening a popcan of 8-10 biscuts for 2 sandwichs isn't always economical (although the baked rolls hold up in a plastic bag for a day or 2) KFC makes a very decent biscut and Im lucky to have one close. Personally I prefer a fluffy scrambled egg with cheese which is why I don't get the fastfood versions, (hardees and BK both sell an eggless sausage and cheese sandwich) add a sausage patty and 2 of these often become dinner for me. <br> <br> Nice &quot;ible&quot; thank you for getting my taste buds started .... = S
Looks good! I love homemade biscuits.

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