Quadruple Saw Blade





Introduction: Quadruple Saw Blade

This is my first Intructable. The way this came about was that I was trying to find plans all over the internet to build a Knex Sawblade as I didn't buy the Sawblade Thrill Ride set. So I had a go at building one myself I went through several different build to try and get it to work. The hardest part was trying to get the Wheels to spin the opposite direction to the arms, Then Finally success. If I get enough interest I will post a Step by Step on how to build this.



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    It nice but i cant build it.
    Thats sucks dosent it. (i cant build it)

    Well I do have plans to put a step by step. Is that what you mean or is it you don't have the parts?

    There is 14 on the smaller chain and 43 each on the 2 longer Chains. So all together that is 100 exactly. But will make a parts list when I come to make the step by step.

    well, here's hoping I can switch out the normal chains for the micro chains

    Thats very cool, great job on this!

    Thanks, I do have plans to make it bigger.

    So this is just a kind of prototype?

    In a way I just wanted to see if I could build one. But now I have the basic system I could make it better or bigger.