Step 5: Headphone attachment

Picture of Headphone attachment
Now we going to replace headphone cable and attach new one to Sony MDR-V6.
Take off foam padding from the earpiece that has cable coming in.  You will see 4 screws. Remove them. Notice how wires are connected. Two of them are going into second earpiece, we will not be touching these. 
Green wire is Tip, Red is sleeve and shield wire is sleeve/jacket of the plug. Remember where they located and unsolder all 3.  You can always reattach them alter if desired.
Some plastic tabs hold wire inside, just unravel it from there.
There's small rubber piece that doesn't let wire slide easy out of earpiece. You need to push it inside the body of earphone, and then slide off the cable. Now slide cable out and put aside in your drawer, etc.
Take pointy end of the shoelace and thread it inside earpiece hole. It will pull new cable along with it (with lots of resistance). Pull about 4 inches in.
Measure about an inch from where cable ends (you can't see it because of the shoelace, but you can easily fill it) and with sharp blade carefully cut outer jacket together with shoelace.
Cut off shielding, you will not be soldering it.
Strip and tin all wires, tying together black and white/transparent. 
Solder these tied wires to spot where original cable's shield wire previously was.
Solder red cable to where green one used to be, and blue to where red one from original cable used to be.
Plug cable into some audio source, preferably w/ left and right channel test and check if you can hear sound coming out of headphones. I accidently swapped left/right channels on mine, first time I did it, so just make sure they are correct before closing earpiece.
If too much of cable is inside earpiece pull out some. It should be really hard to pull out, giving you sufficient security from accidental tugs.
Put cover back on, screw it in and pull padding on. 
You are done, enjoy!
mroit4 months ago

You really should secure the cord inside the earphone. Even if it's "really hard to pull out", repeated tugs over the years it might still snake it out a tenth of a millimeter at a time, until it comes off entirely.

bmiller9111 months ago

Any noticeable change in sound signature? Thinking about recabling my Sony Xb1000 to see if I can get a bit more clarity in mids/highs. Sony flat cables also just look completely disproportionate on these monster cans! I'm used to wearing Grados so these would hardly be heavy by comparison.

bratan (author)  bmiller9111 months ago

I haven't noticed any change..