Another take on the duct tape wallet.As a Canadian I end up with lots of coins, so I needed a coin pouch. My build adds a change pouch and tries to use as little tape as possible.

Forgive the photos, the brightness got messed up on upload.

Materials required:
Duct tape
Plastic card for sizing
Scissors Razor (Cutting board to go with it)

Materials optional:
Ruler (if your picky like me)

I want to thank Dan who posted the current goto instructable on duct tape wallets, it was my first :)

Step 1: Main Money Pouch

The first step is create the main pouch that will hold your paper money. First you will need 4 pieces of tape approx 22cm long (8 1/2 inches). This will be trimmed at the end to around 20cm (8 inches). Lay them on top of each other, overlapping about a cm (1/4 inch). You can use the lines inthe fabric to help you line up your tape.

Then cut 4 more pieces of equal length. Lay the first on top, sticky side to sticky side, letting half the strip go over the edge. Lay the rest down, overlapping the top piece again by about 1cm (1/4 inch). The final piece should only cover half the bottom piece. CAREFUL laying the sticky side together, as it is very hard to separate the tape if you mess up.

Fold the exposed top and bottom pieces over. Now you have your duct tape cloth! Trim both sides to around 20cm (8 inches).

Finally, fold the cloth in half. Cut two pieces of tape a little bigger then the height of the wallet. These will be inside of the pouch. Place them on the outside, half hanging over, at the halfway mark of the wallet. Fold them in, and fold up the wallet. (Power tip: if you fold the wallet up before folding in the two inner pieces, you can see if they are too far down or up.)

Fold the two pieces sticking up down along the edge and trim the ends.

<p>This is a little bit confusing, can you clarify the instructions? I love the design and it is very beautiful and elegant!</p>
<p>Typo:</p><p>&quot;Next lay the shot pieces along...&quot;</p>
<p>really good, but really confusing. still really good.</p>
Thanks Philmanj for this instructable and for the 85 pictures you put up! Must have took quite some time.
Took me several hours to get it right because I took it slow. Instructions were a little confusing but once you match the step with the pictures you can figure it out. For anyone who says they don't get it...you just have to use common sense..ask yourself what that piece is for? Match the step with the pic. I agree the wallet is pretty thick. You can cut down on thickness by just modifying the instructions - make less card slots or just make big pockets like I did on one side. I made mine for extra cards but you can also make one for coins too without even needing a flap to keep coins inside..just make sure the pocket opening is placed exactly where wallet folds in half and your change will stay in wallet. Here is my finished wallet.<br/><br/>
Best Duct Tape Wallet! I've also been using the coin pouch a lot of times now, so I've got to say it was a pretty nice touch. Also, it's really really tough. But the instructions may be confusing at times, so it took me longer than I expected to make one. If anyone wants to ask something, I'd be willing to help out. :)
Indeed, difficult instructions. Here when you say to cut an inch of tape and then cut in half - lengthwise or in half widthwise? Then cut it in half again - in which direction? The directions above this regarding the flap are very confusing.<br><br>The final wallet itself looks quite nice but it does make for a pretty thick wallet before any money is placed in it, due to the many many pieces of tape used. If there was a way to refine the design to reduce the quantity of tape it would be easier to put in one's pocket.
I agree with 2perpetual; the instructions need to be reviewed and refined to make them easier to follow. For example, you say to place the second pouch on top of the first pouch - but you don't say where to align the opening (on top or on the left). The superman piece was not described in a way that illustrates where to cut; we just looked at the picture and made that shape.
Hey thanks so much. I'm new to this site and already have projects for a year!! lol. But anywasy yours was the first thing I did since I had some duct tape laying around and I can say that mine turned out AWESOME!! I can't wait to show it off. Some of the instructions were a little confusing but once I read it a few times I understood them. Well thanks again!
One part i am confused about is the part where you lay the 3.5 piece halfway down the wallet and &quot;lay a roll in the middle of it.&quot; What does that mean?
You take the 5.5 peice and wrap it around a card sticky side out and put it on top of a 3.5 peice.
Sounds easy enough! Gonna try it now..... I'll tell you what I think after it's done!
you messed up you wrote Tdone! instead of Done! xD
erm can you pls have more detailed and simpler steps? im struggling even on the 1st step and its pissing me off
in your last step it says cut 2 peices the width of the couch.
The instructions are a bit difficult to follow, perhaps if you split each of these &quot;steps&quot; into many smaller ones with fewer pictures each it could be more clear. Wonderful looking wallet though :) i'm going to try it after some experiments.
The instruction are hard to follow...
good instruction, though i was lost some times. for closing the coin pouch i used metal &amp; a magnet between the tape, works well
this wallet is fan-freaking-tastic!
how did you do this ? i spent 5 hours and still not half way done. i mean, im almost outa tape :P , plus, mines looks all wrinkly. would you make one for $$$ ?
This is THE best duct tape wallet I have ever seen!
Wow, I love this design. The coin pocket is a very nice touch. Would it look okay using two colors, I wonder? (I have zebra-striped duct tape. Heh-heh.) Hopefully, I will be able to pull this off. We'll see... XP
Good :0
i really like it and it is sweet!!!
I&nbsp;just finished making these as xmas presents for my boys, I'm adding a few dollars, gift card and some change. Can't wait till they wake up, because I&nbsp;know they're going to love it! Thanks for such a great instructable!
That is a lovely design!&nbsp; A beautiful modification of the classic.<br />
&nbsp;i need to go get some duct tape...
&nbsp;this is great! i'm gonna make it soon, my old duct tape wallet is about four years old and pretty dead.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> nice padi card, too. :)<br />
How high Would the cloth be?
Wow! This is the best wallet on the site!
tou are true
i ment you are true
*COUGH* showoff *COUGH*
well sorry i just want to be somwat proper
&nbsp;Now, you my friend, you are the one for the goto instructable for Duct Tape wallet.<br /> <br /> Good Job.<br />

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