Step 4: Lets do this!

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Before starting this. I did some test runs using nanocrystals in toluen and water. The ones in toluene tended to work the best (except for the yellow which have purity issues and did not respond well in any form).

OK, you have all of your stuff laid out and ready to go. The procedure honestly is quite easy if the nanocrystals are pure.
  • Lay out some of the cyanoacrylate glue on a piece of uncolored material. I say uncolored because most dyes will absorb into toluene, coloring your mixture. My first trial was on one of those red plastic party cups and it ate the red right off. In my case I just used the plastic that the super glue came in. It seemed unaffected by both the glue and the toluene.
  • Add a small amount of the nanocrystal solution into your glue and mix it up. The glue should get thinner and more liquid when the toluene hits it. Unfortunately, some impure nanocrystals will cause the cyanoacrylate glue to thicken up. I encountered this with one of my batches. It was one I could never get pure and sure enough it turned the glue to rubber.
  • Now use this mixture to coat your LED any way you can. I found sort of rolling it around in the mixture generated the smoothest coat
  • Let it dry for a bit
  • Repeat the above for a total of about 3 coats (that tended to be the amount needed to get a nice uniform even coverage).

As you can see in my first test one. THe water soluble NCs result in