Step 6: Thanks.

I'd like to thank Bethesda Softworks for making Fallout 3. Brought back one of my favorite series.

XxShadowxX14 and his great UV torch Instructable. Made this project really simple for me to understand LEDs

jaime9999 for his Soldering Iron stand as seen in one of the pictures. (the stand my ex-wife had was ((in a Scottish accent)) CRAP!!!) (I can roll my R's, Honest.)

Everyone over at Wasteland Outpost . A community of Fallout Prop builders. some Really talented people there.

Whatpayne on diviantART for his work and letting anyone use his labels however they want. Check out his stuff. seriously.

I am entering this into the competition but have been working on it even before it was announced. Pretty good timing if you ask me.

hi i made your quantum bottle last night but cant make it glow blue'ish i used 3x uv led's.<br>what did you put in the bottle?<br>i tried to dissolve a pen in water and only got green
Use Tonic water and 2 drops of food coloring.
&quot;Jolt 'Blue Volt&quot; Its hard to find but works great.
<p>Tonic Water fluoresces blue under UV light</p>
You need to put Tonic water in the bottle. It hlows in uv light. 2 drops of food coloring
I know I'm a bit late but just wondering does this mean you don't need to fit LEDs inside to make it glow like on other instructables? Thanks
<p>The base has a UV light that reacts to some of the compounds in the volt blue volt and make it glow...I've seen other displays where there are multiple leds behind the bottle that make it look alot better. Google LibertyPrime or WastelandOutpost</p><p>He has a few builds there that you might like.</p>
<p>A very good job indeed. My best regards to you, mine comes soon.</p>
I made one about 2 months ago it got in the way alot.
Well it did on mine and it didn't. I had a corner shelf with all my geek stuff on it. Moved recently and still need to figure out a place for all of it. If you have a designated place then it works. Not having one and yeah could become a hassle.
My room is full of thing I am saving to make things. All the shelves and <br>tables are taken up. Maybe I could find a way to put it in the wall.
I've actually thought about doing this on an interior wall. Taking off the sheetrock and making a bunch of nooks in the wall. Something that backs against a closet or a room that isn't used often or sound will carry. You also need to make sure there are no outlets in the wall as the wiring will more than likely be in the cavity. <br>Also plumbing. One reason I haven't done it. My old house had wiring everywhere.
I used blue washer fluid in the glass for the blue look and an old GameCube game disc for my lid. The GameCube disc was perfect size, perfectly round and was only 99 cents. Also, did you put the ink from the highlighter inside the liquid? I (if its not obvious by now) did not want mine to be edible. Great write up by the way.
I only used the Highlighter to trace the letters in the labels so they would react a little better to the UV light. Jolt Blue Volt needs no additives to make it floresce ultraviolet light
where did you get the quantum label from
http://emptysamurai.deviantart.com/<br><br>This guy rocks. He's a Fallout Fanatic. Has Nuka, Sunset caps, Papercraft food items, (just print, cut, fold and glue.
what di you use to glue it to the glass? did you use the same stuff you used in the bottle caps instructable?
I used mod podge. I tried Rubber cement first but I didn't like the finish. Mod Podge wets the paper enough that you can form it to the glass a lot better as it dries. Then I put one more coat on top to seal the top and edges.
have to say, just noticed and like the dart in the second picture of this page!
I made the Plexi fit tight enough that it doesn't just fall out. Needed the Dart's suction cup to pull it out. If you look at the first picture you can tell it's stuck to the middle of the plexi but its mostly blocked from View.
How did you make the nuka cola?<br>
The ingredients of Nuka-Cola are: carbonated water, caramel color, aspartame, phosphoric acid, potassium benzoate (to protect taste), natural flavors, citric acid, and caffeine. What gives it the unique flavor is the essence of seventeen different fruits mixed in just the right proportion to give the beverage its trademark taste. Some versions of the drink also include vitaminerals and health tonics.<br><br>Or did you mean the Quantum? It has twice the calories, twice the carbohydrates, twice the caffeine and twice the taste. To make it stand out more and to give it an extra kick, include a mild radioactive strontium isotope (and an eighteenth fruit flavor - pomegranate)<br><br>Or just use Jolt Blue Bolt.
I swear I was planing on making this on Saturday!
LOL yeah. Looks like you could use a few for your colas.
I actually had one made with a cool cap and LEDs that shone in from the inside of the cap. But there were &quot;problems&quot; with mold and i figured &quot;well this isn't going on instructables.&quot;
Well this really wasn't an instructable on the bottle itself just on the stand. So saying I have done a few experiments with the bottle and diffusing the light. Cap mounted LED, Floating one inside, behind the label. Using a glue stick glued to the center and bottom on the inside of the bottle. The display I currently have is what looked the best. As to mold, adding some Isopropyl alcohol should deter it.
So are you saying you wont get all mad if I make an instructable on my way?
Naw, Go for it. I may Add a 9 volt power supply to mine soon anyways. 9 volt only lasted 2 days. <br>Thinking of just installing a 9 volt adapter connected only too another battery clip. That way can still un-plug it, Un-snap the two connectors and throw a battery on. That way it separates the two power sources when either is in use.
Awesome. Fallout needs more project-love like this.
Thanks, and yes it does.

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