Step 6: Thanks.

Picture of Thanks.

I'd like to thank Bethesda Softworks for making Fallout 3. Brought back one of my favorite series.

XxShadowxX14 and his great UV torch Instructable. Made this project really simple for me to understand LEDs

jaime9999 for his Soldering Iron stand as seen in one of the pictures. (the stand my ex-wife had was ((in a Scottish accent)) CRAP!!!) (I can roll my R's, Honest.)

Everyone over at Wasteland Outpost . A community of Fallout Prop builders. some Really talented people there.

Whatpayne on diviantART for his work and letting anyone use his labels however they want. Check out his stuff. seriously.

I am entering this into the competition but have been working on it even before it was announced. Pretty good timing if you ask me.