Quarter-Drink Slingshot





Introduction: Quarter-Drink Slingshot

This is a fun weapon we used to make in grammar school. It cost very little (less than $1) and is very versatile. Depending on the ammo it can merely sting or potentially draw blood (don't aim for the head, any ammo could put out an eye).

Step 1: Materials

1- 25¢ fruit flavored drink (or any wide mouth plastic bottle -around 2in)
2- sturdy mid to large party balloon
3- rubber bands
4- scissors
5- ammo (skittles or m&ms; for fun, bb's or ball bearings for real damage)

Step 2: Prep Work

Grab the neck of the bottle as if you were making an OK sign with your hand.
Cut off the base of the bottle about an inch and a half from where you are holding it.
Discard base or use it as storage for your ammo.

Step 3: Assembly

1- Stretch balloon over opening an keep sliding it over the opening until you are as far as the widest part of the balloon.
2- Tightly wrap rubber bands around neck of bottle to secure the balloon.
3- Congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Step 4: How to Use

1- Grasp neck in familiar OK grip.
2- Place ammo into balloon. Don't use rocks, they'll make the balloon wear out faster.
3- Grip ammon through the balloon and pull back.
4- Point opening at target and release.

At short range a Skittle or M&M; fired at full draw may leave a welt if it hits bare skin. A bunch of birdseed will spread like a shotgun. Anything with a rough edge can draw blood (a ball bearing might as well, but I haven't tested it). Once again, don't aim near someone's eyes (it's pretty accurate but why risk a permanent injury).

If the balloon wears out, just replace it. It makes a loud snapping noise when fired so it's not a stealth weapon. Stronger balloons make for a more powerful impact.




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    I just had a go at that its really cool ! you can use kabab sticks i was firing them at a dart board but be careful you could rely hurt someone or yourself if it ricochets

    I have used these since before I can remember, and I have a few suggestions: First, be careful about how you hold the shooter. If any of your fingers touch the balloon, there is a good chance that the ammo will hit your finger on the way out. This happened to me recently, and I got a wierd looking purple welt on my thumb. Despite that, I prefer to hold the mouth of the bottle as if it were the barrel of a rifle, with the balloon drawn back toward the rist of the hand holding the mouth. Another suggestion would be to put a small amount of flour or fine dust into the balloon when you shoot it; it creates a cool visual effect. Once again, be careful when using these shooters. Do not underestimate their force, especially when avoiding ricochets. They are fun but can be dangerous.

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    you put a ballon over the neck of the bottle and secure it then put ammo in baloon and pull back and fire

    any more ideas please email them to mattyts@live.co.uk this is so cool

    I made something just like this out of a 4 inch long piece of tube and the finger of a rubber glove. airsoft pellets work great in them =þ

    yawn boring made something like that last week and it works a lot better cant you come up with something better

    because there are about 2 billion types of plastic-bottled drinks available numnuts and ANY of them will do, you can even try a glass one if you can score the neck off, although i would not take responsibility for any damage caused by shattering glass to the body

    TheCheese9921, try to spell properly for words that aren't in the spell checker, like gatOraDE. ninjaimasta, I'll quote from below the comment box: "We have a 'be nice' policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site." I hope you both learn from this comment, because I MIGHT flag ninjaimasta, "numnuts" is insulting. Unrelated, what's with your username? ninjaimasta? What does that mean? Sorry for the long comment and my comment was constructive and to make it positive I'll add the following: Dirkenshnoff (foreign for "good evening" in Foreignese, if you don't get the reference feel free to ask)!