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To make a quarter ring you will need a quarter, a hard metal surface, a hammer, a drill, a file, and sand paper Is optional. A 1964 quarter or earlier is 90 percent silver, so the ring will be silver colored. If you use a quarter that is 1965 or later the ring will be mostly copper and it will be duo colored. In this, I'm using a 2003 quarter. You can also just use any random coin.

Step 1: Pounding the Ring

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For step one you will want to pound on the the quarter while slowly turning the quarter to get all the way around the quarter.

Step 2: Result After a While

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Keep pounding on your quarter and after a little while, your quarter should look like this. If you pound in the quarter too hard, it will warp.

Step 3: Drilling a Hole

Keep pounding for a while. When you get the quarter to the width you want it to be, drill a hole in the center.

Step 4: Cleaning Out the Inside

After you have a hole in the center, use a file To clean out the inside of the quarter. You can use sandpaper on the inside of the ring if you want.

Step 5: Thanks for Reading!!!

Hope you enjoy your ring!!!


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