For a long time my good friends bumpus, and Nova Hawk have been insisting that I work on making a proper revolver.

I also want to give a big thank you to all my new friends over at Brass Goggles for giving me advice as I went along.

I had taking my inspiration from the PPC Wesson, and from the hit series Firefly, all I needed was the 'right' piece for the chamber. I found this piece a mere 7 days ago, and in that time I have designed and fabricated the following prop. I was at work all last week, so the max number of hours I could have spent on this was about 15-20 hours.

The Quasi-Dimensional Air Displacing Revolver works on what is considered a not fully understood fringe technology, the actual chamber is a found piece of equipment with no reference to where it came from. After many tests and experiments it was found that the chamber would randomly shift matter from one place to another, the outer of the weapon was fabricated to contain and control this strange phenomena.

The Revolver will shift every thing in its path forwards by 2.3784 mm, creating a clean cut unmatched by any other tool or weapon. The range of the device is limited by rotating the two sections of the chamber, the longer the range the narrower the spread.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

  • Thick straw board cardstock (one could easily use a wooden base, or use layers of MDF etc)
  • A small collection of individual pieces to accent the design
  • A chamber shaped section, you will have to look around, if all else fails you can use a section of card tube, or PVC pipe
  • Black straight to metal spray paint
  • Metallic paint of your choice, one to be applied with paint
  • A matt varnish
  • A leather to compliment the metallic paint chosen earlier
  • Wooden Corner dowel
  • PVA (elmers glue)
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Thick craft wire

  • A hand drill, and selection of drill bits
  • A hand saw
  • Stanley Knife (boxcutter)
  • Sand paper
  • Desk vice
  • Pliers
  • Extra hands and fingers (thanks Wells!)
Sir I was wondering if I could post an Instructable on my version of your gun it will be my first instructable please tell me your answer on my page I will also give you more details on my page thank you
Huh, kinda reminds me of the ambassador from TF2...
could you maybe put videos on youtube of you making your props please <br>it would help alot!
How much would u charge to make this or maybe two for a film?
Is it basically the same principle with cardboard?
Damn, but this is cool.
For those of you wanting to know where to get this kind of stock, I would recommend using matteboard or even foamcore board. Both are cheap, easy to cut and can be found in just about any crafts store.<br><br>My question is where the heck do you get corner dowel rods? I would love to have a few dozen of those workshop for when I don't feel like belt sanding something to perfection.
COOL! does it work
where do you get most of the &quot;decoration&quot; you put on the gun.. including hammer and trigger?<br />
as best I can tell, the trigger is the hub-end of a hard-drive read arm
that's the read arm out of a hard drive, isn't it?
great work just wondering in your head does it fire slugs or static?
It seems to "fire reality" - everything in from gets moved forwards 2-point-complicated-mm forwards.
It's so powerful that when you fire it the entire universe gets shifted 2 lightyears?<br />
2<strong>mm</strong><br />
though the energy required to do merely that...... also, would it continue outside of the atmosphere?<br><br>also, if it moves EVERYTHING 2 mm forward (in the 'bullets' path, that is) would it not also pull the matter behind the barrel? double edged sword indeed. perhaps a static induceing micro feild..... oh wait, those havent been invented yet. darn.<br><br><br>(this is my sence of humor typeing....)
hmmm i get what that means but damn if i could dumnb it down<br />
Wait, how would this accomplish anything by moving the universe 2 mm?&nbsp; Does it only shift that area which is in a perfectly straight line from the barrel?&nbsp;&nbsp;If that was true&nbsp;I guess I could see having a barrel-sized area of your target moved 2 mm away from the rest of the target.&nbsp; Even so,&nbsp; I don't see how that would do any damage.&nbsp; Anyway, very good i'ble!
i think i can try and explain, in terms of the second one (which to me seems more likeley) if you were to get hit and have a chunck of one of&nbsp;your main arteries moved 2mm away from where it should be, then you would definately be dead, you would pretty much be bleeding straight into your lungs, for starters making incredible pain, and then you would turn blue due to lack of oxygen and eventually certain muscles would start dying off. After all of this, your heart would start to fail and you'd have no way of beeing healed because theres no way of putting your parts back into there place before you died. I hope this helps.
Maybe you could be healed by someone using the same weapon to shoot along an *exact* reverse trajectory? :)<br />
perhaps. except that the moved tissue wouldn't exactly be connected to anything. you could verywell just blow it out of the body, leaveing a perfectly strait, round hole..... plus, who knows how your tissues would react to repeated multi-dementional displacement? they may dissentagrate...... hey, forget one shot, just make a dual shot gun. disentigration pistol.
You prop gun looks awsome. Is there any chance could put a copy of the template used to make this awsome instructable or give some dimensions so that we can replicate your design.
lol, if someone robbed your house you could defiantly scare the living hell out of them!
What did you use for your chamber?
I'm going to be using wood for mine.. And I'm not sure if I can find any sheathing that's 2.5in thick for the trigger guard, And I'd rather not use four layers of the stuff I already have. Any suggestions (cause I can't get a hold of any good cardstock)<br />
&nbsp;Hey, do you think it would be possible to buy an air pistol revolver, then put the barrel of this gun on it?
KING LEONIDIS, <br /> THE PERSIANS ARE ADVANCING!..blah blah blah..&nbsp;TONIGHT&nbsp;WE DINE IN HELL!!!!<br /> <br /> nice instructable.:D<br />
&nbsp;That is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWSUM! you should make more props then make a movie and put it on youtube!<br />
Looks like you've done it again! Very impressive! Keep up the good work!<br />
GMJHOWE,&nbsp; love your work!!<br /> <br /> Any chance of getting templates for the cardstock?<br />
You have a dalek!
so do I~<br/>Except mine is the rare <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.amazon.co.uk/Doctor-Dalek-Bath-Shower-300ml/dp/B000HBBQ78">shampoo-bottle</a> variant <br/>
jealous...<br />
This Vs. BR8 in a power test.
Even though your gun fires, mine is still closer to the real thing.
BR8 isn't my gun. And realism wasn't the point of making the BR8.
You get your BR8, and I will get my revolver, then we will see who wins the fight?
ill own you both wit my shotgun
I'll own with my fists. ;)
ill own with my mind :D
You all lose.
I win because I have Dr.Manhattan on my side. ;)
i win cause i has Jesus on my side
I win because I have Nazi Zombies on my side...
Hmm, this might be a little tougher than I thought...
I win, simply because... <strong>I am</strong>.<br/>
Nice, wise-ish sounding words. However, I have to burst your bubble. I win because of Manifest Destiny. It is unalterable, nobody can do it, not even chuck norris or even you.
And yet, I win because I win.<br /> <br /> And if you dare challenge me to a duel, let me finish this project and I shall accept...<br />

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